You will need
  • passport;
  • the results of final examinations;
  • medical certificate;
  • photos;
  • statement
If you are going to arrive in river school after graduated from the 11th grade of secondary school, you will need the results of the Unified state examination (use). As a rule, admissions river schools interested in following disciplines: Russian language, mathematics and physics. In some cases (for certain departments) may be asked to provide the exam results for history, social studies and foreign language.
If you want to go to school, finishing 9th grade, the admission Committee will also be interested in the results of your final examinations. In this case, is the state final attestation (GIA). To assess their chances of enrolling independently, if to take for a basis of calculations a 100-point scale assessment. For example, in the Russian language of your scores must equal at least 20 of the 36 possible. Math 8 of 24. If you do not have them or they do not reach the required number, you will have to pass entrance test in the school. They provide for the surrender of the Russian language (you'll have to write a dictation) and mathematics (to be tested).
In some schools there is such a practice as preparatory courses. It was easier to pass all entrance examinations, experts recommend to visit them. Because their are those teachers that after you will train students in the school. And they better than anyone know what things to ask in the entrance test.
Documents you must provide to the admission Commission application on admission to the school, examination results or certificate, a medical certificate (form 086) and 4 photographs of size 3 x 4. And of course will ask for your passport as identity document. In short, the set is the same as in any other school.
Exams held in the summer. As a rule, in July. Therefore, documents should be submitted in June. After the announcement of the results and determine the list of students enrolled, you will need to gather and prepare for school. And from the first of September to go to conquer the peaks on the way to his dream - river navigation.