Advice 1: Where it is possible to do with computer science

Unified state exam equalize the chances of applicants. For admission to the desired University, it is sufficient to pass the exam on compulsory and special disciplines. Renting of computer science opens many doors before entering.
Where it is possible to do with computer science
Admission to educational institutions on a speciality "Programming", "information Protection" will be almost guaranteed if you manage to take the exam on computer science. These directions are prepared in classical universities. Examples: the MSU (Moscow State University), ASU (Astrakhan State University). At classical universities there are other related specialties, to learn which, having passed computer science.
Another option would be to enroll in a Polytechnic University. You will need to take Russian language, mathematics, and computer science. Direction of undergraduate program: "Information security", "Database", "Software" is one of the most competitive among students. Specialists are in demand in the labour market. Unified state exam in computer science with further training at the Polytechnic University will allow you to get a prestigious job.
An alternative to studying in the main universities can be specialized educational establishments. Universities communication, Railways have extensive Ministerial funding. Specialists are in demand both state and public organizations. In such universities can accept having passed computer science or physics.
Admission to universities of design with creative types. Computer science is mandatory for a range of printing specialties and directions "Web-design". You may have to go and have a creative competition (drawing, history of design). Popular universities with developed design schools: Ngah (Novosibirsk), Spbgutd (Saint Petersburg).
Prestigious is the direction "Business Informatics". Leading Russian universities are satisfied with graduates in leading companies after completion of training. In addition to computer science, here it will take delivery of a foreign language.

Advice 2: Where it is possible to do with Russian language and math after school

To obtain the certificate of graduation, all students 11th grade must pass the exam in Russian language and mathematics (base or profile level). Other items give up voluntarily, at the option of the student. But final exams are both introductory. And those graduates who did not pass the "by choice" or not scored passing scores, the question arises: where it is possible to do with Russian language and math after grade 11.
Where it is possible to do with Russian language and math after school


Where to go with the Russian and basic math after the 11th grade

If the graduate passed only two exams on the Russian language and mathematics basic level, the chances of admission to the University this year had not. The fact that the underlying mathematics is the only one of the exams, the results of which cannot be counted upon admission. It is merely a graduation.

Thus, the admission Commission of the University can "read" to such applicant only to the exam on the Russian language – and this is not enough for admission to the bachelor program, even if the examination has been brilliant.

Куда поступить с русским и математикой базой

Continuing education graduate, passed the only "mandatory minimum" exam may secondary vocational education institutions – colleges and technical schools, admission to which is carried out including on the basis of 11 classes. But career choices are practically unlimited. The items that you passed on the exam, doesn't matter – if there is a competition role to play as the average score of school certificate and additional tests pass, only those who enter the creative specialties or occupations where special requirements to the physical or mental preparation of the applicant. The training period on the basis of 11 classes from two to three years, after which, if desired, can continue training in the University.

If the graduate is committed to higher education and considering admission to College to pass exams in other subjects will be a year on the rights of the graduate of past years. To retake the exam on the Russian language does not have – the results of the exam are valid for four years.

In which universities can accept by passing the exam in Russian and mathematics profile

Graduates who have passed the compulsory mathematics examination at the profile level, the chance to go to College in the year of graduation is still there, but the range of available majors is not very wide. The results of the exam about Russian and relevant math can enroll in those colleges where there are additional tests of a creative or professional orientation.

The fact that the law for admission to the University an applicant should pass at least three subjects – Russian language (it is compulsory for all programs), specialized exam in the form of the exam and one or two exams on the choice of school. For occupations requiring training beyond the high school programs, test selection usually takes place in the form of tests which the University conducts its own.

Куда поступить с руссим, математикой и творческими испытаниями

Creative specialties have to do that after the 11th grade, the exams in Russian and mathematics profile, as a rule, belong to one of the following areas:

  • architecture,
  • urban planning,
  • design
  • designing in light industry (clothing, textiles,etc.)
  • technology of production of artistic products.

As a creative test in such cases often pass the picture or the song (which requires serious artistic training); sometimes there is an examination in drawing; when applying for disciplines in architecture and construction, the University may conduct additional testing in mathematics.

Another common option to go to College with the Russian language and mathematics basic level – apply for the specialty, where there are special requirements to physical training of the applicant. It's usually the universities that train specialists for law enforcement and military educational institutions. As a professional test in such cases give up the standards for physical education; also can be conducted additional tests in General subjects. In addition, the state of health of the applicants in such cases special requirements, so applicants will have to pass medical screening, and sometimes psychological testing aptitude.

In "civilian life", having passed the examination in Russian and mathematics and with a good physical preparation can be done in some teacher training institutions (teacher of physical education).

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