Admission to educational institutions on a speciality "Programming", "information Protection" will be almost guaranteed if you manage to take the exam on computer science. These directions are prepared in classical universities. Examples: the MSU (Moscow State University), ASU (Astrakhan State University). At classical universities there are other related specialties, to learn which, having passed computer science.
Another option would be to enroll in a Polytechnic University. You will need to take Russian language, mathematics, and computer science. Direction of undergraduate program: "Information security", "Database", "Software" is one of the most competitive among students. Specialists are in demand in the labour market. Unified state exam in computer science with further training at the Polytechnic University will allow you to get a prestigious job.
An alternative to studying in the main universities can be specialized educational establishments. Universities communication, Railways have extensive Ministerial funding. Specialists are in demand both state and public organizations. In such universities can accept having passed computer science or physics.
Admission to universities of design with creative types. Computer science is mandatory for a range of printing specialties and directions "Web-design". You may have to go and have a creative competition (drawing, history of design). Popular universities with developed design schools: Ngah (Novosibirsk), Spbgutd (Saint Petersburg).
Prestigious is the direction "Business Informatics". Leading Russian universities are satisfied with graduates in leading companies after completion of training. In addition to computer science, here it will take delivery of a foreign language.