First, you must meet the requirements for its physical development that airlines present to its flight attendants. They are practically the same: great health, which will have to be confirmed twice per year, prepossessing appearance, competent and correct it, no scars on the visible parts of the body. In addition, your ROS should not be below 160 cm, and age in the range of 18-35 years. Will significantly increase your chances of becoming a flight attendant knowledge of the English language, with it you can take training even at the age of 35 years.
If all the mentioned parameters and a passionate desire to fly, contact the airline that you like, but better – in all at once. Review the list of vacancies that exist at the sites of the airlines, and write a statement in a summary form, indicating their skills and education if it is already there.
You will have to pass an interview – with primary you rather check on the psychological readiness to become a flight attendant, so during it you can ask one provocative question. The second interview is conducted both orally and in writing. Another interview should be conducted in the English language, here, too, you will be asked questions you have to answer, including writing.
After interviews go medical flight expert Commission. To do this, you should be absolutely healthy. Before the passage of the fee, collect the necessary information from the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist from the clinic by place of residence. You will also need a chest x-ray and sinuses with photos and description, information from a dentist and electrocardiogram. General analysis of blood and urine should be taken for laboratory fee.
If you were found fit, then the airline will sign a contract with you. To learn on the flight attendant, you do not need to pay, but you will be required to work for the company some time after the training. During the study you will be paid a small stipend – about 5-6 thousand rubles. Training time – 2.5-3 month, it is counted in the workbook.
In the course of study includes: English, rescue, and water rescue training, the ability to care for themselves, to always look neat, care and impeccable service. You should study for 6 days a week, and your knowledge you will confirm in the examination.