Select the University of Saint Petersburg, in which you would like to do. The city has more than 100 different higher education institutions. There are both public and private universities, the Institutes Academy. Since the choice of universities is high, and the chance to go somewhere in St. Petersburg a lot. Note several priority schools, and examine the specialties that these Institutes are offering. On the websites of the universities you can learn about the cost of training (if there is no certainty that hits the budget), the location and quality of the hostel. It will be useful to go on the University forums on social networks and learn more about the University from the inside.
Evaluate your chances of getting into specific universities of St. Petersburg. It is worth doing in advance for the year or at least six months before admission, when there is a chance to improve their knowledge in specific disciplines. On some sites it is possible to estimate your chances of getting selected in the Institute, comparing their results with other students. Assess their capabilities, please note those subjects where you have the opportunity to improve scores.
Sign up for prep courses or hire a tutor. If you live in Saint-Petersburg, you will not be difficult to enroll in the selected training Institute. Acquainted with the atmosphere inside, with the teachers, you have more time for themselves decide whether or not to study here. But at the same time and prepared for required for admission subjects.If it is easier for you to do individually or you live in another city, you can prepare for exams with the help of Tutors. It is desirable that it was the University professors, is – that the Instituteand into which we plan to do.If you do not see progress in training, hire another tutor or enroll in preparatory courses in your city. With good preparation for the required items, you can easy to enroll in your chosen Institute of the city of St. Petersburg.