Physiotherapy is a very effective way to bring the muscles in tone. One of the most basic exercises in order to return the arm to its former mobility, is the clenching-unclamping of different things. In the first days after removal of plaster is to start exercising, working with soft objects such as sponge or a ball of tissue. Gradually increase the load, trying to squeeze a piece of clay, rubber ball, carpal expander. This exercise is as often as possible, because of the intensity of the load determines the speed of recovery.
If the fingers do not obey, you should do special exercises. First, preheat the brush with massage: stroking, knead, trying to work each finger from tip to base. Then put your hands palms down on any smooth surface, like a table. Without lifting a finger, the maximum spread them like a fan, then reduce again. Now bend and unbend fingers, try to picture "the piano", tapping the tips on the surface. Alternately connect the thumb with the other. Finally, a few times, squeeze the hand into a fist and relax again.
The following exercises will help develop the hand after fracture of the radial bone. With elbows on the table, try to keep the forearm vertical. Start to bend and straighten the arm near the wrist. Squeeze fingers into a fist and repeat the exercise. Then turn palms toward each other, fold them together. Turn your palms in the region of the radiocarpal joint, tilting them alternately to and from oneself. Then change direction, moving them right and left.
Will help to accelerate the process of rehabilitation after fracture , and warm baths with herbs such as geranium or Golden rod. Two tablespoons of herbs boil for a few minutes, then strain the broth and leave to infuse.