A broken arm is often accompanied by severe pain, arrest, which is necessary to prevent a painful shock. At the stage of recovery of the damaged bone pain relief plays a different role – it is necessary to reduce the psychological discomfort of the patient and thereby accelerate recovery.

Receive pain medication in open and closed arm fracture

Fracture of the hand causes severe pain until he lost consciousness. In this case, the most effective means of pain relief is injection of analgesic drugs. Most commonly used 0.5% solution of novocaine, which is injected locally near the damaged area in a volume of 5-10 ml. best, if the shot will make a professional who can calculate the correct dosage. This is especially important for multiple areas of damage that require repeated injections.

Novocaine injections can be repeated after the injured limb is in plaster. The next injection should be done not earlier than 3 hours after the previous one.

Painkillers with a broken arm in recovery

Pain when the fracture does not let go of a person for a long time, since regeneration of the bones is accompanied by the restoration of damaged nerve tissue. This period is usually prescribe anti-inflammatory and analgesic: ibuprofen, voltaren, diclofenac sodium. Very effective and drugs such as sedalgin, Ketanov, and ketorol, but their prolonged use is undesirable due to the development of addiction. In this case, must constantly increase the dose of medication that is unsafe for the body.

In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe analgesics, which include narcotic components. It's vicodin, oxy, lorcet and others. Narcotic analgesics are taking only in case of serious damage in a short time to prevent the development of pain shock.

Effective folk remedy for the pain of fractures is considered to be the mummy. It is taken orally in the morning and before bed, drinking fresh carrot juice or warm water with dissolved honey.

As a pain reliever topically used fir oil as well as tinctures, rubbing and infusions of herbs such as marsh cudweed, black henbane, Nuphar lutea, Colchicum autumnale.