After a strong punch often there is weakness of the fingers when straightening, pain in the joint, the damaged area can be swollen, and the tendons of the extensor muscles shifted. If the blow was too strong, the tendon can completely rupture, causing the corresponding fingers will cease to stretch without assistance. The perfidy of broken bones is that the swelling and swelling in the acute phase of the injury made it nearly impossible to diagnose displacement of the tendon and tear of the joint capsule. This leads to a lack of adequate treatment, and after going through the pain of the finger joints.

The most common effect of the damaged bones are constantly clicking in the area of finger joints.

In the presence of atypical clinical manifestations, representing no visible displacement of the tendon on palpation and full range of motion of the fingers, the man most often ignores the trauma. As a result, the tendon after transfer of the damage in the chronic phase may re-shift and swell, and the treatment it will be significantly complicated by cicatricial contraction. To avoid this, you must immediately after injury, visit the emergency ward and an x-ray of the hand and wrist joint.

Quick treatment

To broken knuckles healed as quickly as possible, you need to grease them several times a day with ointment "Indovazin" for ten days. As an additional treat, you can use tablets "the best medicine", and special pharmacy salt you want to dissolve in a basin of warm water and put back the damaged the brush for ten minutes while massaging it. To make such salt bath is also recommended for ten days.

In the clinic for the treatment of knuckles hands offer physiotherapy and the impact of small UHF.

If a strong bleeding can moisten wound with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in each five to ten minutes for an hour, after which the knuckle can be lubricated with ointment "Rescuer". When severe bruising and swelling should be lubricated with their camphor oil or lightly pierce bruises a sterilized fine needle and the release of thickened blood. This will allow the bones to heal faster, build up new skin and acquire a normal appearance.