Advice 1: How to remove swelling in the broken arm

After the fracture because of the damage to the ligaments and muscles occurs swelling at the site of the lesion. It appears, as a rule, not immediately and lasts for quite some time. The swelling must be removed in order to make it easier to restore the function of muscles and joints.
How to remove swelling in the broken arm
You will need
  • Spruce oleoresin, olive oil, onions, wormwood, aloe, bean pods, leaves, cranberries, flowers of Arnica, comfrey root, 9% vinegar, Valerian, St. John's wort, chamomile, Arnica.
Take 20 g of spruce turpentine, medium onions and 15 g of copper sulphate. Chop. Then mix with 50 ml of olive oil and place on medium heat. Bring to a boil, but do not boil. Strain through cheesecloth, folded in half. Pour in a container of dark glass. Apply the ointment on the tissue around the fracture and cover with parchment paper. Wrap with a bandage. Follow the procedure in the morning and evening daily, until, until swelling subsides.
2 tablespoons of wormwood brew a glass of boiling water and for 10 minutes on low heat. Remove from heat and leave for 1.5–2 hours. Filter the infusion and apply, changing the bandage every 4 hours. For the preparation of lotions, take a quarter Cup of infusion and add to it the aloe juice in an amount of 25 ml. In the received solution moisten a clean linen cloth, apply to the swellingand primenjuje. Repeat procedure up until the swelling disappears.
For oral use in equal proportions fold the bean pods, leaves, cranberries, flowers of Arnica and comfrey root. Mix. A teaspoon of the mixture pour 200 ml of cold water. Bring to a boil by placing in a water bath. Within five minutes, continue to boil, then leave for half an hour. Strain the infusion and drink half a Cup before meals 4 times a day. Treatment takes from 10 to 14 days.
Tablespoon 9% vinegar, dilute in half a liter of water. Moisten in the resulting solution a clean cloth and apply to the swelling. After drying, change the pedals.
In equal quantities mix the Valerian, St. John's wort and chamomile. Brew a tablespoon of the collection Cup boiling water. Steep a quarter of an hour, covered with a lid. Eating three meals a day.
A tablespoon of Arnica brew in a Cup of boiling water and leave until cool. Dampen a clean cloth in the infusion and apply on the swollen place.
Very good use of olive oil externally as compresses.

Advice 2: How to determine broken finger

Often after injuries of the arms or legs there is a need to decide whether a broken finger, because the answer to this question depends not only on the patient's condition and the measures that will help him to ease into the moment, but forecast future work.
How to determine broken finger
There are jobs for which health fingers or feet plays a significant role in professional well-being and career. This can include professional athletes, dancers of different styles, musicians, programmers, compositors – the list could be very long. And for the average person important, timely medical care, which will allow to avoid many problems.To determine the possible fracture of a finger of an arm or leg it is important to remember the circumstances and mechanism of injury, examine the victim and only then make the decision. But best of all at the first opportunity to address to the traumatologist or the surgeon who will conduct the inspection professionally and give direction on x-rays of the injured limb, which can eliminate all the problems.
Most often, a fracture occurs when you fall of a massive heavy object on the hand or foot (there is a crushing of the bone), with a twisting motion (there is a comminuted fracture), and much less at direct hit (there is a simple fracture or welding debris at each other).
During the inspection, the victim complains of severe pain at the site of injury, inability of motion, swelling or hematoma, with maximum manifestation of these phenomena possible a few hours after the injury. When you try feeling the fracture site patient complains of increased pain, but when you try pulling the damaged finger or tap it on the tip there is a sharp unbearable pain. Often under the skin it is possible to probe at least one or more fragments, and their displacement can be quite large due to the strong tendons of the muscles of the limbs.
Edema and hematoma continues to grow for several hours after the injury, and the next morning damaged a finger often is like a hot dog, or sausage, and the patient noted a gradual increase in the intensity of pain, after the broken finger, the blood and the swelling can not significantly shift above the place of the joint, which is located above the fracture.
That is why the increase in pain, increase in edema of the individual phalanges of the fingers, the development of a strong hematoma consultation of traumatologist and radiography of the affected limb, which will help to establish the diagnosis.

Advice 3: First aid for fracture, dislocation and leg injury

With various injuries people encounter throughout life on a regular basis. However, all to different degrees: someone's nothing worse than the usual cuts are not seen as someone who regularly breaks his hands, then his feet. If getting one person a serious injury happens before another, the latter usually lost and does not know what to do. Doctors argue that once the right is given help, often depends on the rest of the course of the disease and its outcome.
First aid for fracture, dislocation and leg injury
First aid for injuries still need to be able to provide. To promote literacy, the doctors suggested a series of recommendations, doing that can assist to ease the injured person's condition.

The most common injuries are fractures, bruises and sprains. Moreover, often to distinguish them from each other is quite problematic. So you should know what to do if you see a person with suspicion for this injury.
The main rule is not to panic. You are a doctor and you do not need anything supernatural. All that can be done to alleviate the suffering of a man you are quite capable.

Most often, according to statistics, people hurt limb. And the leader in this kind of charts are the legs.

First aid for fracture

A fracture, usually characterized by fairly severe pain at the site of injury of the limb. Of course, if we are talking about an open form, there are specific questions arise – a fracture or not. If the trauma is not visible, to draw conclusions quite problematic.

The first recommendation is to call the doctor. And make it a must, not trying to independently move a patient to take him to the hospital. After all, if a person has a fracture, you can the awkward movements only aggravate the situation.

Next you need to immobilize the affected limb. Again, in order not to hurt. Foot position should be comfortable and calm.
Fixation of the limb helps to relieve pain and prevent the transition of a closed fracture to an open one.

Of course, you should not experiment and try to straighten the injured limb themselves. And that's all you can do for a person who has a suspected fracture. The maximum that you can add is give him painkillers.

If a person has an open fracture, it is necessary still further to treat the wound with iodine or green paint. Alternatively, suitable and alcohol. This is necessary in order to prevent blood poisoning. It is also worth to make a bandage that will stop bleeding. After all, if bleeding much, there is a risk that the patient might not survive until the ambulance arrives. To reduce pain in this situation will help the ice or another cold.

If it is not possible to call an ambulance, have the person transported to the hospital yourself. In this situation you will have to make the bus. You can use any solid surface – a lot of boards, cardboard, wide stick, etc., Apply a splint you need at least 2 joint and only on the skin and not on the open part of the fracture. The bus must be securely fastened – it is better if you tie the limb to a healthy one.

First aid for dislocation

Dislocation – injury is less dangerous than a fracture. However, in this case, the person needs to be sure that he was given first aid. To act in this situation need as well as at fracture – immobilize the limb. Dislocation do not try to straighten themselves. First, you can only aggravate the situation. Secondly, it can be complicated by the appearance of cracks in the bone.

Doctors recommend to give the affected person a pain reliever and apply ice or another cold substance to the affected joint. Especially if the leg began to swell. This will help to relieve the pain. If there is no possibility to call an ambulance, you must also apply a bandage or splint, and take the victim to the hospital.

First aid for injury

A bruise is an injury to the soft tissues of the body without any serious damage. Injury occurs usually during a fall or when struck by any blunt object. That he was the one who indicates pain in the limb, the appearance of hematomas and edema.

Despite the fact that the injury is not as serious as the first two, first aid is still needed to provide, because we cannot be fully confident that under it hides a dislocation or fracture. The hospital will have to apply to the case if the person there is pain, that becomes stronger when trying to move, and also blue hurt.

Advice 4: What he's talking about swelling of the fingers

Swelling of the fingers – a phenomenon familiar to some people, especially in the warm season. They can be both weak and strong, are well marked. Swelling not only bring aesthetic discomfort, but also can cause unpleasant and painful. In addition, often edema of the fingers is a symptom of the disease, so it is better to consult a doctor and get tested.
What he's talking about swelling of the fingers

Why swollen fingers

Often the fingers are swollen due to allergic reactions to various chemical substances included in the composition of household detergents and cleaning products. In this case, it is necessary either to use rubber gloves when working with tools or to pick up household chemicals, does not cause allergies.

Frequent cause of edema is venous disease (eg, thrombophlebitis, varicose). As a rule, in these diseases there is an increase of affected areas veins. There may be pain, redness of the skin. In such cases, you should consult a doctor-phlebologist – specialist in vein diseases.

The fingers often swell in women during menstruation and in pregnant women owing to drastic hormonal changes in their bodies. Quite often the fingers are swollen because of metabolic disorders, especially water metabolism. This may occur due to malfunction of the kidneys, and because of the excessive consumption of salty, spicy foods, excessive drinking (especially before bed). Also a violation of water metabolism may occur due to high temperature, overheating of the body. So in hot weather you should minimize in proportion of diet heavy, greasy, salty food, wear light clothing, use a fan, air conditioning. In the hottest hours possible better not to go out. Women better in this weather do not wear bracelets, rings, and clothing with long and tight sleeves buttoned because they are pinching the superficial layers of the skin and can increase swelling. Finally, fingers can swell as a result of trauma: injury, dislocation, fractures, even fractures.

How to get rid of swelling of the fingers

Doctor's prescription you can take medication with a diuretic effect to remove excess fluid from the body. With the same purpose it is useful to regularly consume melons, cucumbers. If the swelling is accompanied by pain, should consult a surgeon and an x-ray of the hand. If necessary, the doctor will help and prescribe treatment.

In order to get rid of swelling, you need to do daily exercises for the hands. Put your hands up, start to compress and unclench the fingers. You can also use a tea made from flax seed, as it promotes the removal of fluid and swelling. More movements! Walking in the fresh air, exercise.

Advice 5: How to recover after a fracture

A fracture is a serious trouble that can happen with any person. Particularly at risk vulnerable elderly and people with osteoporosis – trauma to them may cause even a mild drop. Often suffer from clavicle, radius, forearm, tibia, femoral neck. Recovery after fracture lasts long enough and is accompanied by painful sensations. The older the patient, the slower rehabilitation.
How to recover after a fracture
Messageto, one of the most effective means for rehabilitation after fracture. He returns to the muscles elasticity and strengthens it increases blood flow and lymph circulation in the limb restores its function. In addition, the massaging relieves the pain and helps to dissolve the hematoma. In a closed fracture the massage can start on the second day after injury. Doing it in this case, a special apparatus that operates by vibration.
Exercises to relieve hypselecara gymnastics aims to restore metabolic processes in the damaged muscles and joints to increase their mobility and stretching. While gypsum is not removed, do the following exercise: on the inhale hold your breath for 6-7 seconds and Flex the muscle of that body part, which is located next to the victim. For example, when a Shin fracture strain thigh if the arm brush. Exhale - relax. Repeat 3-4 times. When leg injuries this exercise is done lying down. The positive effect is achieved due to increasing blood circulation in healthy and injured tissues.
Gymnastics after removing gobstopper you want to boost the inflow of arterial blood and outflow of venous and normalize lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling. This can be achieved using a previously described exercise, but straining the muscles need not be next, and where was the turning point. The number of repetitions up to 10. The second exercise is aimed at the kneading of the joints - several times gently bend, straighten and rotate the injured limb. As soon as I let the feeling start to take a little walk to a small fatigue. Extremely useful for recovery after fracture and swimming 3 times a week for 45 minutes.
Will cataclasite in your menu more fresh foods – fruits, vegetables, lean meats (Turkey, chicken, fish), eggs, dairy products. Plant foods contain vitamins and minerals, without which it is impossible to restore tissue and improve the metabolism. Animal food is a source of protein - building material for muscles and bones. But dairy products also contain calcium.
Useful advice
Contact your doctor or rehabilitation specialist that will help you to choose a course of recovery procedures. Treatment must be individualized – the only way to negate the effects of the injury and recover. Your doctor may prescribe you an ultrasound, electrophoresis, inductothermy, electrical stimulation of the muscles, UV irradiation or phonophoresis of drugs, as well as baths – iodine-bromine, coniferous, coniferous-salt, radon, sodium chloride.

Advice 6: How to treat a broken finger

Fractures of the toes can occur due to the action of direct trauma to include exposure to moving machinery, shock, drop a heavy object and so on). In order to recognize a fracture, you need to be based on any of the following symptoms: pain at any point when compression of the hands in a fist, the crunch of bone fragments, swelling of the back of the hand or of fingers, deformation (curvature of the fingers), and limitation of movement.
How to treat a broken finger
Before you start the treatment of the fracture, give the injured man first aid. It is in transport immobilization. Fracture of the phalanges of the fingers make it in the following sequence: first give the damaged hand position, which is typical for fracture of the upper extremities, and then craft the splint (it should be in the form of troughs). Apply it starting from the elbow and ending with the fingertips (it is best if the bus will even go beyond them). In the gutter you have to put a cotton rug, a hand clamped tight ball, made of gauze or cotton wool. Next, firmly bandage the tire and hang it on the scarf. In that case, if the fracture is open, prior to transport immobilization treat the wound, apply a sterile dressing.
Before you start the treatment of the fracture, the physician should establish an accurate diagnosis using x-rays (usually done at least two pictures). It not only precise localization of the fracture, his character, but also show the direction of the displacement of bone fragments. After performing surgical treatment, or mapping fragments is assigned to control x-ray. This is done in order to check whether the treatment, and if so, how. The following will need to be done after ten-twelve days from the date of injury. The fact that in this period there is reduction of tissue edema, but there is a danger that bone fragments can be displaced. The results of the treatment (i.e. fracture healing) specialist determines if an x-ray, but after removing the plaster cast.
By the way, the mapping of fragments to spend as soon as possible, because it affects the result of the treatment (not later than on the second day after the injury). The mapping procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia (i.e., to numb only the affected area). After this manipulation (if all goes well) the patient applied the plaster bandage. As a rule, existing bone fragments fixed with special spokes (one or two) on a three-week period. After this period, the spokes will extract, but the plaster cast will leave for another two weeks. As soon as it will be removed, prescribed physiotherapy, exercise therapy.

Advice 7: What if in the heat swollen fingers

Swelling of the hands is a rather unpleasant phenomenon. Fingers swell, decreasing their sensitivity and feelings are tested not the most pleasant. In particular, this problem becomes relevant in the summer. But not necessarily to suffer in silence from the flow off the fingers – you can help yourself.
What if in the heat swollen fingers

How to avoid edema

Swelling of fingers in the heat is a common problem. This happens because of violations of water metabolism in the body. In the heat people consume a lot of fluids. In some cases, the kidneys are not able to filter the incoming water and therefore had swelling. But observing some simple rules will allow you to avoid this condition.

If you notice a tendency to swelling of fingers in the summer, in the heat, discard the clothes and jewelry that squeeze your hands, thereby disturbing the blood flow. Remove watches and bracelets, put a blouse with sleeves, the cuffs which attach themselves to the skin. Bag is best to shoot from the shoulder or elbow to carry in the hand.

There are products that retain fluid in the body. These include alcohol, the use of which can cause swelling even in the cooler seasons, as well as spicy and salty food. In the heat it is better to consume low-fat dairy products, vegetables and fruits, and lean meat and fish. Especially useful will be the watermelon, the juice of mountain ash, viburnum or celery, and yogurt and cottage cheese. These products promote the excretion of fluids from the body.

In the heat don't want to exercise, but gentle exercise will help you cope with swelling. Much strain is not required. To solve the problem will help yoga, swimming, aerobics, running or Biking. Morning or evening charging will also benefit.

Another method of dealing with swelling of the fingers – water treatment. Take a contrast shower, which accelerates blood circulation and reduces swelling. Bath and sauna operate the same way. Also a great way of dealing with swelling of the fingers – a bath with sea salt. In warm water 35 to 37 degrees should be made to cover 300 grams of salt and lie down for 20-30 minutes.

And if it isn't heat?

Because of the summer heat in the swollen fingers of many people, but before you begin to self reflect, whether really guilty overly warm weather. The cause of edema may be a broken finger or a bruise. A similar reaction may occur due to allergies – remember, not whether you used a new soap or dishwashing detergent. Varicose veins and trombophlebitis can also cause swelling, relief from which should deal with the doctor. Another common cause of swelling is pregnancy.
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