If you received a closed fracture of the elbow joint and an x-ray showed no bias, then you will put casts for a period of 5-6 weeks. With an open fracture or fracture with displacement you are referred for hospital treatment, where he will hold an operation to restore offset and stretching. Treatment can take from two to 6 months.
After removal of plaster you will prescribe a course of physiotherapy, massage, development of the joint special equipment and advise to do exercises at home.
At home you can several times a day to carry out a simple exercise of bending and straightening the elbow. First run it with no load. As the recovery of mobility, but it will take about 2-3 weeks, start to carry out exercises with a light load. To do this, take in the hand a weight of 1 kg and do exercise in flexion and extension up to 50-100 times in one session.
Additionally work hand. For this you can use a ball or just 100 times to compress and decompress the palm. This indirectly helps to develop the elbow joint, as the muscles of the hand signal the whole hand.
For a long time after fracture wear of gravity, do not strain the elbow joint heavy bags. Complete the procedure of rehabilitation prescribed by your doctor.
If the elbow are severe pain, ask for a referral for repeated x-rays. Because the elbow joint is a complex mechanism, at the slightest suspicion that it didn't heal properly, you will undergo a second operation.
All the time rehabilitation do not use warm compresses and warming ointment. You can use only those creams that relieve pain. If the pain is severe and x-rays showed that the joint is fused properly, consult your doctor. Will prescribe medications that will help to relieve the pain. As you develop joint pain will be.