Advice 1: How to develop the elbow joint

After fracture of the elbow joint and fixation with plaster, elbow long remains stationary, and any movement are given with great difficulty. To restore the elbow jointshould have a large stage of rehabilitation, which is prescribed by a doctor, and in addition to doing exercises at home.
How to develop the elbow joint
If you received a closed fracture of the elbow joint and an x-ray showed no bias, then you will put casts for a period of 5-6 weeks. With an open fracture or fracture with displacement you are referred for hospital treatment, where he will hold an operation to restore offset and stretching. Treatment can take from two to 6 months.
After removal of plaster you will prescribe a course of physiotherapy, massage, development of the joint special equipment and advise to do exercises at home.
At home you can several times a day to carry out a simple exercise of bending and straightening the elbow. First run it with no load. As the recovery of mobility, but it will take about 2-3 weeks, start to carry out exercises with a light load. To do this, take in the hand a weight of 1 kg and do exercise in flexion and extension up to 50-100 times in one session.
Additionally work hand. For this you can use a ball or just 100 times to compress and decompress the palm. This indirectly helps to develop the elbow joint, as the muscles of the hand signal the whole hand.
For a long time after fracture wear of gravity, do not strain the elbow joint heavy bags. Complete the procedure of rehabilitation prescribed by your doctor.
If the elbow are severe pain, ask for a referral for repeated x-rays. Because the elbow joint is a complex mechanism, at the slightest suspicion that it didn't heal properly, you will undergo a second operation.
All the time rehabilitation do not use warm compresses and warming ointment. You can use only those creams that relieve pain. If the pain is severe and x-rays showed that the joint is fused properly, consult your doctor. Will prescribe medications that will help to relieve the pain. As you develop joint pain will be.

Advice 2 : How to develop the elbow after fracture

Fracture of the elbow occurs as a result of the fall, which leads to intra-articular fracture of bone or an open fracture. The patient is assigned to conservative or operative treatment, after which the joints have time to develop and go through a long rehabilitation to restore his mobility.
How to develop the elbow after fracture
You will need
  • - X-ray;
  • - consultation of the doctor-traumatologist;
  • - surgery or conservative treatment.
If you have an elbow injury or fracture, immediately visit the nearest emergency room. Before transporting, apply on the elbow splint to best immobilize broken or injured joint. If you have an open wound and severe bleeding, apply a tourniquet to minimize blood loss.
Turning to the doctor will prescribe an x-ray and put a cast. If you need surgery to reposition or hood joint, you hospitalityat and will conduct treatment in a hospital.
After you get the cast off or discharged from the hospital, you will have to go through a long rehabilitation. At home you can do regular exercises to restore mobility of the joint. Bend and unbend the arm for 5-6 times a day for 30-60 times per exercise. Move your fingers, this indirectly restores mobility of the elbow joint.
In any case, do not apply a hot compress, but you can do the bath in cool water with sea salt. If joint mobility is missing and you are worried about pain, then it is permissible to apply local analgesic ointments or gels. Contraindicated to apply ointments with pepper and other warming means.
In addition to a home gym you can assign therapeutic exercise on special equipment in a clinic, professional massage, physiotherapy, to resorption by using ultrasonic waves.
If within 4-5 weeks elbow joint range of motion is not restored, contact your doctor to revise the treatment. In some cases, if there are adhesions, it is necessary to carry out the second operation, treatment and rehabilitation.
When re-operation is joint replacement or osteosynthesis. Repeated inpatient treatment lasts 6 and sometimes 8 weeks, and almost the same is the procedure of rehabilitation.
All the time rehabilitation do not overload the arm, do not exercise in the presence of severe pain, do not wear weights.

Advice 3 : How to repair the joints after a fracture

When a fracture of theOh limb there is a need for the application of the plaster bandage. When it is removed, it often turns out that under the bandage the joint is not functioning properly! Attempt to bend the fused limb at the joint are either not possible, or is accompanied by pain, sometimes very strong. How to achieve restoration of joint function in full?
How to repair the joints after a fracture
Fortunately, the vast majority of cases this recovery can be achieved relatively quickly. We only need to show perseverance and patience. Violation of joint mobility caused by swelling of the surrounding tissues or by deposition of salt occurred during a time when it was closed plaster cast. Therefore, rehabilitation treatment should include: warm-up, physiotherapy, with a strictly dosed loads, and the use of drugs that reduce swelling. Very good result gives the combination of therapy and medication.
To develop a joint should, if possible, in warm water. For example, if impaired function of the ankle, it is recommended to take a warm foot bath, during which, slowly, carefully, bend-unbend the foot, make its circular motion. If disturbed function of the elbow, do the same, holding it in a deep basin with warm water.
Gradually increase the load by increasing the number of repetitions of exercises and range of motion as long as the movement in the joint will not cause any difficulties or pain.
The joint and the adjacent region lubricate anti-inflammatory, ointments, such as Troxevazina", "Ichthyol", "Vishnevsky Ointment and their analogues. Very good results are obtained by use of Shilajit. Can help and these simple remedies, as iodine mesh, and alcohol compresses for the night.
In cases where all the above were not given a fairly rapid and lasting effect, sign up for physiotherapy. For example, massage, UHF-warming, mud, etc. If the fracture was very difficult, for this treatment you can use immediately after removal of plaster, on prescription.

Advice 4 : Joints treatment at home

Causes of joint pain may be several. For proper selection of treatment need to consult a doctor. However, if the pain in your joints folk remedies often also be effective.
Joints treatment at home

Joint pain is often a symptom of serious chronic diseases in which inflammation and destruction of cartilaginous tissue, so you need to consult a doctor before beginning treatment a complete examination. But what if the joints hurt for a long time and treatment does not help? In such cases it is possible to try traditional medicines, which are effective for the treatment of the joints at home

Ointment for joints for the treatment at home

In the Arsenal of folk medicine there are many recipes ointments for the joints of the hands and feet, allowing you to relieve pain with the help of improvised means. For treatment of joints in the home's great podedut the following tools:

Cabbage with honey cream for joints

You need to take a fresh, juicy cabbage leaf and leaves him with a knife in order to made the juice. Heating the sheet above the flame plate ,then to grease with a thin layer of honey. Apply to the sore joint and make a compress for the night: cabbage leaf to put a piece of cellophane tape, wrap a warm scarf, fixed with a bandage and leave overnight.

Dead bees from damaging joints

Half a glass of bee Podmore pour 0.5 liters of vodka. To insist in the dark for 10 days. Then to filter and RUB for sore joints. You can also make compresses if pain in the joints of the arms or legs. However, this tincture should be diluted with warm water 1:1, in order not to cause skin burns.

The yolk and wax from pain: joints treatment at home

Mix and heat in a water bath egg yolk, one tablespoon of honey and beeswax (about a matchbox).The resulting ointment to the joints apply to clean cloth and apply to the affected area at night, making the compress.

Advice 5 : How to relieve pain after a fracture

Violation of the integrity of the bones is accompanied by severe pain. Fractures are open and closed. In any case, the rehabilitation period is a long period of time. The victim needs to help to ease his condition.
Traditional medicine will help to alleviate the suffering
First aid in fracture of theAh is to fix the bones so that they subsequently correctly fused. The first hours and even days after the trauma the person feels severe pain that can be alleviated using folk remedies. You can use horse fat. They need to lubricate the skin around the fracture. It relieves pain and accelerates regeneration. At the same time take pharmacy Shilajit 0.3 grams in the morning and evening. For best effect, wash it down with carrot juice or honey vodka.

The old method of treatment of fractures

Known to the ancient method of treatment of fractures with copper coins. You must take the coin, disinfect it, planed a file fine powder, mix 3 grams powder with sour cream or milk, to give the patient this mixture twice a week. This method will contribute to healing without complications.

Decoction of chamomile relieves inflammation and acts as an anaesthetic. In an enamel bowl put a tablespoon of dried flowers and leaves of chamomile, pour a glass of boiling water, let stand 15 minutes. After you must strain the infusion and drink it throughout the day and in severe pain.

Popular recipes

Doctors do not advise to take painkillers because they adversely affect the liver, slows down its work. It is best to resort to traditional medicine.

You can prepare the following ointment: mix in a ratio of 1:1 sprigs of juniper and butter, then this mixture place in oven for 1 hour, the mixture is cool, strain. Ointment massage movements rubbed into the fracture site in the morning and evening.

From the infusion of herbs Larkspur, you can make lotions, when to endure unbearable pain. To do this, 1 tablespoon of herbs pour a glass of boiling water and insist half an hour in a warm place. Further infusion moisten a cotton cloth and applied to the fracture site.

The root of comfrey is also used to treat different bone pathologies. It is necessary to grind and mix with pork fat at a ratio of 1:1. The resulting ointment to RUB into the sore spots. Dry comfrey root is brewed and used for lotions, and it can also be used inside. Steep in a thermos 2 tbsp. of dried root per Cup of boiling water. It is recommended to drink the infusion in small SIPS every three hours.
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