Advice 1: How to develop the arm after the fracture

After that the hands will remove the plaster, it is too early to consider it healthy. Restoring the mobility of joints. For this you need to resort to complex procedures and exercises. Some of these exercises require special equipment.
How to develop the arm after the fracture
To return the arm mobility need to restore its flexibility. It is also necessary to strengthen the brush. While she was in a cast, she did not have the usual load.Squeeze the hand into a fist. Thus you will be able to assess how the brush lost obedience. She may be weak, and even the Cup to hold easily. Try the first exercise. Take a piece of plastic that you can mold. First, while plastic and cold "a cold", it lends itself with difficulty. Squeeze it with all your fingers, placing it in the center of the palm. Roll in the palm of your fingers. Change the pace and rhythm exercises, the main thing is not to hurry. When you feel that the plastic is hot and soft, too pliable, take a break. Let your fingers and hand will relax, and your "trainer" cool. This exercise should be repeated within one month. Depending on personal experiences - some more time. Give exercise time in the morning, afternoon and evening.
Somknite hands in front of him so that the palms were tightly pressed against each other. Without opening the palms, begin to tilt them to the left (to the left wrist), then to the right. When you tip your palm towards the hand that was broken, don't overdo it. Listen to feelings - should not be sharp pain. Every time try to lower the palm just below, but be careful.
Take a tennis ball. Stand in front of the wall. Throw the ball into the wall. Do it slightly. The ball should not fly off the wall like a cannon ball. He should gently bounce off it. Catch the ball, while being careful not to injure your wrist.
Doing this exercise should, if possible, several times a day for a month. This exercise will return the fingers and wrist dexterity and mobility, as well as contribute to the development of the reaction.Take a couple tennis balls. Put the balls in the palm of the developed brush. Move the balls on your palm, taking care that none of them fell. Perform each exercise for 5-10 minutes. The ball can also be thrown in the air and catch it.
Useful advice
You can also contact the clinic by place of residence treatments to restore mobility after fractures. In house conditions it is impossible to run any kind of therapy (warming up etc) because of the lack of necessary equipment. The clinics are physiotherapy, in which specialists are also able to recommend additional exercises for faster rehabilitation.

Advice 2 : How to recover the hand after a fracture

Tight bandages, plaster — necessary steps for a successful fusion of bone after fracture. However, the treatment lasts and after how the hand was "liberated", because the prolonged absence of loads and fixing in position lead to atrophy of muscles. Rehabilitation will help to restore joint mobility and to overcome muscular weakness.
How to recover the hand after a fracture
Physiotherapy is a very effective way to bring the muscles in tone. One of the most basic exercises in order to return the arm to its former mobility, is the clenching-unclamping of different things. In the first days after removal of plaster is to start exercising, working with soft objects such as sponge or a ball of tissue. Gradually increase the load, trying to squeeze a piece of clay, rubber ball, carpal expander. This exercise is as often as possible, because of the intensity of the load determines the speed of recovery.
If the fingers do not obey, you should do special exercises. First, preheat the brush with massage: stroking, knead, trying to work each finger from tip to base. Then put your hands palms down on any smooth surface, like a table. Without lifting a finger, the maximum spread them like a fan, then reduce again. Now bend and unbend fingers, try to picture "the piano", tapping the tips on the surface. Alternately connect the thumb with the other. Finally, a few times, squeeze the hand into a fist and relax again.
The following exercises will help develop the hand after fracture of the radial bone. With elbows on the table, try to keep the forearm vertical. Start to bend and straighten the arm near the wrist. Squeeze fingers into a fist and repeat the exercise. Then turn palms toward each other, fold them together. Turn your palms in the region of the radiocarpal joint, tilting them alternately to and from oneself. Then change direction, moving them right and left.
Will help to accelerate the process of rehabilitation after fracture , and warm baths with herbs such as geranium or Golden rod. Two tablespoons of herbs boil for a few minutes, then strain the broth and leave to infuse.
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