Treatment of a fracture begins with first aid. You need to decide what is a fracture in front of you: open or closed. When closed the integrity of the skin is not broken, with an open visible wound, possibly with protruding fragments of bone.
Call for an ambulance. Then it is necessary to fix the injured limb so that it was stationary. For this you can use any improvised tools like boards and bandages. If the fracture is open, it is necessary to impose on the wound with a sterile dressing and wait for the arrival of the ambulance. If there is severe bleeding, it is necessary to use a tourniquet above the damaged area (don't forget to write time overlap.) Remember that in warm weather, a tourniquet is placed no more than 2 hours, and cold for 30-40 minutes.
Before the ambulance try to reassure the person, speak with him. Injuries, psychological help is very important, since the victim experiences severe pain and stress.
An ambulance will take people to the hospital, where the surgeon will examine him and prescribe treatment. As a rule, all patients undergo x-ray which shows the complexity of the fracture. In a closed fracture, the doctor will combine the bone, and then impose a plaster cast. If the fracture is open, you need more serious surgery. Perhaps that person needed osteosynthesis - connection of fragments of bone with special pins.
After the integrity of the bone is restored, starts the period of rehabilitation, during which the bone fuses. This period lasts from several weeks to several months.
During rehabilitation after a fracture you need to help your body recover soon. To do this, pay special attention to diet: eat plenty of protein foods, and foods which contain calcium (cheese, cheese, dairy products).
The final period of rehabilitation includes physiotherapy and physical therapy. These procedures you must appoint a physician.