You will need
  • - X-ray;
  • - consultation of the doctor-traumatologist;
  • - surgery or conservative treatment.
If you have an elbow injury or fracture, immediately visit the nearest emergency room. Before transporting, apply on the elbow splint to best immobilize broken or injured joint. If you have an open wound and severe bleeding, apply a tourniquet to minimize blood loss.
Turning to the doctor will prescribe an x-ray and put a cast. If you need surgery to reposition or hood joint, you hospitalityat and will conduct treatment in a hospital.
After you get the cast off or discharged from the hospital, you will have to go through a long rehabilitation. At home you can do regular exercises to restore mobility of the joint. Bend and unbend the arm for 5-6 times a day for 30-60 times per exercise. Move your fingers, this indirectly restores mobility of the elbow joint.
In any case, do not apply a hot compress, but you can do the bath in cool water with sea salt. If joint mobility is missing and you are worried about pain, then it is permissible to apply local analgesic ointments or gels. Contraindicated to apply ointments with pepper and other warming means.
In addition to a home gym you can assign therapeutic exercise on special equipment in a clinic, professional massage, physiotherapy, to resorption by using ultrasonic waves.
If within 4-5 weeks elbow joint range of motion is not restored, contact your doctor to revise the treatment. In some cases, if there are adhesions, it is necessary to carry out the second operation, treatment and rehabilitation.
When re-operation is joint replacement or osteosynthesis. Repeated inpatient treatment lasts 6 and sometimes 8 weeks, and almost the same is the procedure of rehabilitation.
All the time rehabilitation do not overload the arm, do not exercise in the presence of severe pain, do not wear weights.