Fortunately, the vast majority of cases this recovery can be achieved relatively quickly. We only need to show perseverance and patience. Violation of joint mobility caused by swelling of the surrounding tissues or by deposition of salt occurred during a time when it was closed plaster cast. Therefore, rehabilitation treatment should include: warm-up, physiotherapy, with a strictly dosed loads, and the use of drugs that reduce swelling. Very good result gives the combination of therapy and medication.
To develop a joint should, if possible, in warm water. For example, if impaired function of the ankle, it is recommended to take a warm foot bath, during which, slowly, carefully, bend-unbend the foot, make its circular motion. If disturbed function of the elbow, do the same, holding it in a deep basin with warm water.
Gradually increase the load by increasing the number of repetitions of exercises and range of motion as long as the movement in the joint will not cause any difficulties or pain.
The joint and the adjacent region lubricate anti-inflammatory, ointments, such as Troxevazina", "Ichthyol", "Vishnevsky Ointment and their analogues. Very good results are obtained by use of Shilajit. Can help and these simple remedies, as iodine mesh, and alcohol compresses for the night.
In cases where all the above were not given a fairly rapid and lasting effect, sign up for physiotherapy. For example, massage, UHF-warming, mud, etc. If the fracture was very difficult, for this treatment you can use immediately after removal of plaster, on prescription.