How is a hand fracture?

As a rule, fracture of the hand occurs because of mechanical effects on limb: falling on the exposed hand, twisting of limbs or a direct blow. As a result, under the action of one or another damaging factor (or strength) is disturbed the overall integrity of the bone, a bleeding, damaged periosteum. If fragments are displaced, there is additional damage to surrounding tissue.

How do you know that you have a broken arm?

As a rule, fracture of the upper limb is accompanied by its deformation, which is associated with the violation of the integrity of bone structure. The limb bent in an uncharacteristic for her sequence. Violation of the integrity of bone structure also entails a partial or a complete loss of function, however it is not for all types of fractures of the hand.

Signs and symptoms of a fracture of the hands and feet is usually the same: quite a strong and sharp pain at the site of the lesion, soft tissue swelling (increase in volume), hemorrhage, violation of the integrity of the joint or bone shape hands. In some cases, a broken arm becomes too mobile and others can't move at all.

What if a broken arm?

A broken arm is serious business. The injured limb is necessary to try immediately to immobilize. To do so, to shoulder preventives any lock – smooth thin Board, a piece of plywood, sticks. If at hand is nothing, the affected limb should be bandage directly to the body. You need to bandage tightly, but not tight, otherwise you can accidentally passing blood vessels.

If a hand fracture is open, first at the wound with a bandage and protruding bone fragments to fix it is impossible. If possible, the victim as soon as possible to give pain medication and to deliver the person to the hospital. In any case, you cannot transport the injured person without fixing his damaged limbs!

To identify a broken arm, the doctor will ask the victim to move the limb. If all human attempts to do so would be futile, the fracture is identified. An external inspection of the broken arm – that's half the battle. The doctor must confirm the diagnosis with x-ray. You should know and understand that fracture of the hand with timely treatment to the doctor to heal fast enough. The main thing is to prevent complications during treatment.