If it so happened that the suitcase was torn or broken handle it while traveling, on the plane or when you exit the train you can try to fix the damage with the help of improvised means. Broken suitcase tight drag with a tape, belt or rope, you can also just wrap it with tape. For some time this is enough. Broken the handle, wrap duct tape or electrical tape in several layers to it lasted some time.
To avoid such problems, observe the rules of use of the suitcase. Do not load more than 20 kilograms, try anything not to hit, gently pull the suitcase out of the train or the Luggage compartment.
After returning home, go to repair companies of the city. Fix your suitcase, you may be able to Shoe shops or specialized organizations. Repair cost will be expensive, so think about just buy a new suitcase.
If your bag is very expensive and you don't want to break up with him, find him parts. You can buy them in workshops, sporting goods (especially the wheels), in the markets. If you do nothing, the last resort is to buy a very cheap Chinese suitcase market and to take his necessary details.
Remove suitcase with broken parts (handles, locks, wheels) and install the purchased by means of rivets or screws. On the ripped fabric or skin, apply a patch of similar color and structure of the material, sew it with a special needle and coarse thread.
Don't be stingy. From the very beginning you need to remember that if you bought a cheap suitcase that will last you more than one or two trips. But it is possible to select expensive convenient thing warranty of any breakages. In this case, you can present the warranty card and suitcase repaired at the expense of the company.