Ice caves Mendenhall (AK)

Decided to have a rest? Forget the beach and the sea! The best option to get rid of the boring daily life will be visiting Alaska, namely the glacial caves Mendenhall. This incredible place will force open a mouth from surprise and not to close it during the entire trip. The caves are located near the small city of Juneau (20 km away). Unusual, but every year the caves change their shape and even color. If they could boast of a rich turquoise color, now eye pleasing light blue hue. Hikers or active holiday such activities obviously will appeal! Also, this place can be associated with various holidays: a romantic dinner, to celebrate a wedding. Such events are certainly not soon be forgotten.

Bamboo forest Sagano (Japan)

Fresh air, birds singing, the enticing smell of fir trees and pine trees... the beautiful Russian forest! Really tired? Then immediately in the bamboo forest of Sagano, and not to forget about the bike. The Japanese are really proud of this truly heavenly wonder of the world. Such beauty artists describe only the paintings. Obvorozhitelnaya alley, consisting of thousands of trees, will be transferred into another reality and forget about all the problems. Surprisingly, bamboo grove has an unusual ability: wind, running through the endless trees as if strumming gentle tunes. You can get here by bus, tram or commuter train.

Swing the end of the world (Ecuador)

Who doesn't love to swing? It's the attraction where you can immerse yourself in your thoughts and dream. And if you're a thrill seeker, then Ecuador is the place where you should visit. There are the extreme swings that can be found all over the world. And they can actually cost lives, as this attraction allows you to rock over a precipice to a depth of 2660 meters, in spite of all precautions. Every year here come more and more tourists in search of unforgettable sensations. Only one kind enough to visit this place. Many people come here to once and for all to understand what it all has to hang over the abyss. Despite the fact that this ride is a fairly safe subject to due caution, thought creeps in that the wire holding the swing, or one of the thin pillars will not stand, and someone will fly down. What is fun is clearly not for the faint of heart.

Pamukkale (Turkey)

Sandy Golden beaches, Oriental sweets... This is Turkey, friends. A great place to vacation. And have someone to visit in Pamukkale? The whole territory that belongs to the resort is a national Park. And he made Pamukkale UNESCO world heritage list. Pamukkale means "Cotton castle". This name he received because of a truly magical features: it seems that the white mountains are completely covered with cotton. Tourists also compare these mountains with snow covered mounds. Isn't it exciting to walk through the snow in a swimsuit, totally not feeling the cold? In addition, it is an indispensable place to improve your health, after all, this town has long been famous as a healing center. Water helps in the treatment of gastric diseases, or musculoskeletal system, also there is a legend that swimming gives a person 3 years his youth.