You will need
  • For repair accordion or replacement parts, you may need to buy components. Inquire at any music store – they offer themselves as tools, and everything necessary for them. Note the corners for bellows, connecting stud, suction valves, mounting straps, leather patches and so on.
Disconnect the part of the fur from the body. To do this, locate the studs of the cap at the junction of the fur and body and pull them. Carefully remove the cloves with a pair of pliers. The older the instrument is, the greater the likelihood that the cap will break off from the body of the nail. Next, carefully inspect the fur for defects and cracks. If they are, repair them. Then remove the mesh covering the valves. It is usually fastened with screws. So to remove it will not be difficult.
Visually check all the keys. If one of them busted or simply fell off, can I borrow the keys from the bottom, which are rarely used. Next, check each key in the decompression and compression of the fur. If the interior mechanism, the keys are not working, clean thoroughly. After all the work, get the entire design accordion back, while leaving no gaps between the different parts.

If self repair Bayan failed, take it to an experienced repair technician, musical instruments, and we will try to solve your problem in the shortest possible time. Also engaged in the repair workshops at different music stores.