In short, it's time to pack your bags. And before you think about it, than to fill them. Because I want to look on vacation, so to speak, presentable, and not to burden yourself with bulky Luggage.

Select the closet

Before you start packing the suitcase, it is good to make a list of what you're going to wear. (Better not the total list but days). With a pick the clothes and shoes in which you feel comfortable, very much like yourself. Moreover, even look incredible. Certainly in the wardrobe of every lady has such clothing. Try to imagine that you will look great on trips, at the beach, and that evening dinner or for an evening stroll.

Moreover, get the planned items from the wardrobe. Turns put it on, predefinite front of the mirror. Why again not to sure how good your taste, and you attractive? Learn how to combine the useful with the pleasant: and things for the trip right away, and personal self-esteem enhance.

T-shirts, tunics, dress

On vacation you definitely need another couple of t-shirts/tee shirt, light blouses. Well, if you can take light trousers, a skirt, a light dress (a pair) or a sundress. It is important to pick up all of these garments so that you can make several different images. And each of these images were made in the same range and preferably in the same style.

Yes, if you plan to visit the theatre, an elegant party or a restaurant - grab this a special occasion dress, this dress will be a favorite) or skirt with a blouse.

Swimsuit, pareo

If possible, better to take a couple of swimsuits. By the way, does not prevent capture and shawls (and also preferably not one), wrapped in which you can walk from the hotel to the beach. Of course, should worry about underwear. The formula is simple - number of items by the number of days of rest. Of course, if you are planning on vacation to wash clothes.

Slates, sneakers, ballet flats

At least two pairs of shoes to bring need: flip-flops or Slippers for the beach and sandals, ballet flats or shoes for walking. Again, based on their plans, think about whether you need formal shoes or sandals. If scheduled trips, consider whether to take shoes or sneakers.

In any case, to bring more than three pairs of shoes desirable. When counting, remember that one pair will be on you.

Glasses and hat

A beach holiday is not without headgear. It would be - hat, scarf, baseball cap - you decide, but the head in the sun cover you need. By the way, grab the sunglasses - bright sunlight is harmful to eyes. And better not alone, as a couple. Remember that different points are able to create or complement your different image.