Advice 1: How to open the safe topaz

It is very important to have a place where you can store all valuables and papers, money, wills, business contracts and much more. Safe topaz is popular in the domestic market. It is equipped with a unique security system that will protect your savings and valuables from unauthorized entry.
How to open the safe topaz
As a rule, in the sales package there is an instruction manual for the safe topaz. It describes in detail all the problems associated with the operation of such devices as a safe topaz bsd 510. Usually the factory preset access code to the safe is 50 25 50. To open the safe, rotate the dial counterclockwise and set the number 50 against the working label. Then repeat this procedure 4 times. Then rotate the disk clockwise and install on the working mark figure 25. Repeat the procedure three times. Then rotate the dial counterclockwise and set it opposite the mark by the numeral 50. Repeat 2 times. After all the action the safe should open. In that case, if you accidentally made an error at the time of opening the safe and it does not open, repeat all the steps again. This long procedure of opening the safe was invented by the developers specifically to minimize the chances of a compromise on the part of robbers and thieves.
The topaz fire-resistant safe has thick walls of high strength metal. This eliminates the likelihood of unauthorized access inside the safe with a drill or a gas burner. As a rule, safe topaz bsd 670 mounted on the wall and put my picture or put in his place the Cabinet. Such actions not only allow you to hide the location of the safe, but also increase the safety of its contents as a safe first you need to find, then to do his hacking.
Use the space safe to store your most valuable possessions, from the safety of which depends on your financial well-being. High-strength topaz a safe, virtually impossible to crack. That is why it is so popular among many wealthy people. At the moment there are lots of companies that sell and install these safes. Call one of these companies and consult your health care professional, any safe is better to take. Immediately after payment you have chosen box will be delivered to your home where you will be able to do the installation yourself or have it done skilled professionals.

Advice 2: How to open the safe aiko

Modern safes Aiko reliable, tamper-resistant and are protected from unauthorized access. Depending on the specific model, this safe can be designed for valuables, money, official documents, as well as smoothbore and rifled hunting weapons. Being a high-tech device, Aiko safe requires careful attention to the locking device and compliance with the rules of its operation.
How to open the safe aiko
Before operating the safe read the instructions for its use. Check the batteries in the battery compartment. Typically, electronic devices are used, four power item voltage of 1.5 V. If necessary, install working batteries.
Turn the key in the direction of clockwise. Click on the "*" symbol and wait until the screen display shows "Code" or "Open". Initially, the box is usually set factory code "7-7-7-7" or "1-2-3-4", as specified in the documentation to the safe. Enter the appropriate code on the keypad.
Click on the " # " character, then the display appears the inscription "Good". Turn the knob of the safe up and open the door.
For further safe operation of the safe program your personal code different from factory. On the inside of the door press "M" button. Enter your new personal code and press the " # " symbol, for example: 7498#. Keep in mind that the code may contain at least two and no more than eight characters.
When programming a code you make a mistake, repeat the whole procedure starting from pressing "M". If the code is entered correctly, the LCD will display ”Good”, otherwise appears the inscription “Error”, but a travel will sound an error tone.
Verification code is need only when the door is open. After three incorrect code, the display turns off, and the locking device will be locked for a few minutes. Thus, any click on the lock button while blocking only increases the duration of the wait.
To lock the safe open, slam his door. Then insert the key and turn it in the opposite direction to move clockwise.
Useful advice
To prevent unauthorized access to the safe, store the key and the code number separate from your device, and do not provide the opening combination to unauthorized persons.
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