You will need
  • - metal tube with a diameter of 6 mm; - plate, tinned sheet metal; stainless wire; finished parts from another umbrella; - soldering iron; - pliers.
Most often in any zhelobkova broken umbrella spokes. To repair them, find a metal tube with a diameter of 6 mm and cut a piece of 3 cm length For this purpose you can use the aerial from a portable TV or radio. Straighten the ends of broken spokes, put the tube and pinch the ends with pliers.
If damaged tubular rivets at the ends of the spokes, insert it in the small hole cut soft stainless wire and twist the ends. Not paying attention to this issue, you may detect damaged tissue of the umbrella.
The design of the umbrella-the machine provides work with tape, if it broke, replace it. To do this, Unscrew the top plug, remove the cloth, remove the nail-clamping of the top node. Then remove the entire Assembly, put a hand to open the tube and very gently open. Be careful, inside is a powerful spring that can fly. Remove the roller and replace the belt.
Very often the umbrellas-machines break traction in place of their swivel. To start pull repair is necessary only when all connections are weakened and removed from hooks. Cut from a piece of tin-plated 0.2-0.3 mm tinplate small plate 40х12 mm and bend it along the length, turning in the trough. If one of the broken halves of the deformed thrust – straighten it. Will saludito the ends and install the pickguard, propagte the repair along the entire length.
Children's umbrella with automatic opening sometimes stops working the clip securing mechanism in the closed state. To eliminate this fault of the umbrella-the machine as follows: press the locking tab and slide it towards the handle. Remove the bent pin from the tube of the rod and straighten, then re-attach. If the metal is of poor quality, such measures will not for a long time, so it is better to replace the clip on the new one.