Swimming in sea water improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure, reduces heart rate tempers and helps to keep the body tone, improves posture.

Coastal waves - gently and non-aggressive massage of the feet, but if down, then the buttocks, back, abdomen, thighs. This massage relaxes, relieves fatigue, gives a powerful boost of energy. Including one that actively help to cope with autumn and winter depression.

Sun - make up for lack of vitamin D in the body, strengthens bone tissue, dried acne.

Pebbles is a great massager for the feet... the hands, face, thighs. Beach-massage improves the function of internal organs, triggers the lymphatic system, stimulates blood circulation, improves the respiratory system.

Sea sand is a natural exfoliating, better than any scrub will remove dead skin cells. It is helpful to lie on a warm sea sand for people with diseases of the lungs and bronchi.

Line of the sea horizon is a perfect simulator for eye health. To look into the distance and then to focus on near objects especially useful for those who suffer from short sightedness or a lot of work at the computer. It is also good to follow the flight of seagulls.

The composition of sea water:

Calcium - helps to relieve depression, improve the health of connective tissue, protect against the penetration of infections, normalizes blood clotting.

Magnesium - eliminate swelling, relaxes muscles, prevent the development of allergies.

Bromine - soothes.

Sulfur - tones the skin perfectly cope with the fungus.

Chlorine - will contribute to the formation of blood plasma and gastric juice.

Potassium - cleanse skin cells.

Iodine - to reduce high cholesterol in blood, normalizes thyroid gland, will help the brain.

Zinc - form the body's immune defenses.

Manganese - involved in bone formation.

Silicon - helps the blood vessels remain elastic.