First you need to determine what type of lock is installed on your road suitcase. The locks are mounted and fixed. From what type of this device is in your suitcase depends on the way it opens, and also setting the code cipher.
The default factory-set standard settings for all locks is a combination consisting of all zeros. So if you combination has not changed, scroll the wheels on the lock, until each of them stops at zero. The lock is removed and you can open the suitcase. To change the cipher act as described below.
If the lock on your suitcase fixed type, find the button that is responsible for the lock, which is usually located on the side wall. It has a small lever or of the recess. Find some sharp object and tap the button or move it to another position (right up), if it is a lever. Without releasing the button (switch), enter by turning the disks composing the combination, memorize it, and then release the button or lever, close the suitcase.
In the case of a padlock, do as follows. Need pulling metal arc, then rotate 90 or 180 degrees (depends on manufacturer). The lock will open. Further, the essence of push the arc inside and not let go. On the composing disks fix the number that you want to use as a cipher, memorize it, and then release the arc.
If the cipher lock for some reason forgot to open the suitcase will be very problematic. First try to sort out the possible combinations. Sometimes it helps smooth turning dial. You can hear a click – this will indicate that the figure is correct. In the same way pick up the numbers on the rest of the composing disks. If all else fails, go to the shop.