Prepare some small boxes, for example, matchboxes. They need to add a separate watch mechanisms. It is necessary to rank them in order not to get confused what and what went on. Sit back at the table. Install a table lamp. Before him lay a white sheet of paper. Should all operations on analysis of hours to spend on it. It can be used not only to find a fallen item, but also acts as a light reflector to increase the lighting.
Remove the bracelet, which will only interfere with the work. Take a screwdriver with a thick blade, strong tweezers or a knife and open the tool case. If it is made with thread, it is necessary to carefully remove clogged dirt and Unscrew threaded ring. Remove from the case any loose metal ring or plastic insert. At this stage, it is desirable to photograph a design, so that later it was easier to collect it back. Examine the mechanism.
Turn over the watch glass and put it down on a sheet of paper. In order for the mechanism to get out of the housing you need to remove the winding lever. Not worth it to try to Unscrew. Look for the clock mechanism the small pin in the middle. It is usually located near the hole, which includes the winding shaft. With the help of forceps or conical screwdriver to push the pin and pull the crown to the side.
Remove the clock mechanism from the housing, and then immediately replace the crown with the lever. To do this, take carefully watch in your hand so not to damage arrows, click on the pin and insert the head. Some models have a special screw instead of a pin, which rotates half a turn to get the crown.