Advice 1: How to repair the handle on the bag

Often the handles on the bag to wear out much faster than the bag itself. To buy this new accessory is not desirable, and a waste of money for anything, if you can these handles be repaired or do other. So you won't lose your favorite bag and even update its appearance.
How to repair the handle on the bag
You will need
  • Four metal rings with a diameter of 2.5 cm, tape adhesive to the skin of a width not less than 7 mm, two leather strips four times wider than the desired width of the handles and 12 cm long, two strips corset bones or a piece of canvas fabric, reinforced with strong threads in the skin tone.
Take leather strips and fold them joint to joint width, proclima tape for the skin to adjourn. Edge trim in a semi-circle with sharp scissors. Will attrocity the edge of the product at a distance of 4-5 mm from the edge. The semicircular ends of the future handles stick two centimeters wrong side in, do it with the help of adhesive tape to the skin.
Thread the ring on the sealed ends of the articles and the ends fold to wrong side. Gel pen mark the places where the end of curved edges. A strip of tape are laid off from one label to another on the wrong side of the handle, but not the center where the edges of the leather strips, and stepping back from the middle 2 mm, so that the strap can be bent in half.
Corset bone put over the tape, sticking it. On the other side symmetrically to the bone then place a second strip of adhesive tape. Make sure that the tape did not get out over the edge of the handle.
Fold the leather strip in the middle and glue it starting from the middle towards the edges. Rounded edge handle with a plastic ring inside slip strips, thoroughly proKLIMA her Scotch. This is the most vulnerable and difficult place, be attentive and careful.
Route pinning line, starting from the charged tip, so you ask to not less than one inch of product inserted inside the tip. Secure the line - lift the presser foot of the sewing machine, carefully expand the handle to the other side without taking out the needle and lay another line on top of the first. At the other end of the handle also make the tack. Make sure that the needle is strictly included in the previous punctures - the product will not look worse than the store
The tip of the thread pull to the second that they were on the same side, and tie them, oplate match or lighter. Handles for handbag, made by hand, finished and looks no worse than those that were before. It remains only to put them on the leather loops of the bag.
Work is quite difficult, if in doubt about your abilities, then just weave leather straps with braid - you will get stylish handles for bags.

Advice 2 : How to update the worn handles on the bag

Handbag is one of the most important accessories of women's wardrobe. And if your favorite bags worn out handles and they were ugly scuffs, do not hurry to throw away a favorite thing. Handles you can easily update and return the bag an attractive appearance.
Updated handle bags

Replacement handles

The easiest way to update not only worn handles, but the General appearance of the bags is either a disguise or a complete replacement of degraded elements. If the bag is made of genuine or faux leather, to mask small abrasions will help preparation for professional leather repair products liquid leather" sold in major Shoe stores. "Liquid skin" removes scuffs, scratches and small cuts, but when you buy tools, it is important to choose a shade that matches the colour of the bag.

If scuffs and cracks on the handles of bags, it is advisable to replace such pens. Alternatively can be used the same belts or chains ready to be sold in the hardware departments.

Belts should match the style and color of the bag. To use the straps as handles, it is necessary to adjust their length to the desired size and pin to the bag either by means of rivets, which are installed in workshops of metal pieces, either using the rings, if the bag they are used. For mounting on the rings of the lower edge of the belt is a little bent and zastrugivajut for the formation of a small loop. Bag ring unbend with a pair of pliers, put it in the loop of the belt and reconnect.

To replace worn handles on a nice chain, you must find a chain that matched the style and color of the bag. Handles can be done from the single-circuit and double-folded. With the help of pliers the lower links of the chain are disconnected and fixed to the rings or loops for pens. Looks very original ribbon or leather cord, passed through the links throughout the chain bag is not only new grips but also a completely different look.

Cutting new handles

If you are trimming the skin, suitable color to the bag, one can carve out a new handle. To do this the old grips off, gently pull and fix on a piece of cardboard with staples or rubber cement. Encircled and cut along the contour of the part will serve as a template for cutting the new handles.

From patchwork leather cut out new parts, in the center of the handles is attached a nylon braid or narrow grosgrain ribbon, protecting the skin from deformation in the process of operation.

Every detail of the coat with a rubber adhesive, fold in half, and after drying, the adhesive prostrachivajut straight seam, trying to lay a smooth line on the edge of the handle. If the sewing machine sews the bad skin, the details of the handle you can lightly grease baby cream – this measure facilitates the work of the mechanism of the typewriter and the sewing needle.

To give rigidity in prepared items inserting a thick twisted cord or filler of old, ripped handles. The edge of the workpiece inserted into the ring in bags, folded and double-stitched on the machine.
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