You will need
  • - material similar to the material of the mattress;
  • - the skin;
  • glue.
Determine the location of damage to the mattress. If you were at the moment of puncture the reservoir, it is most convenient to do it there. Immerse the mattress in water – from the tap site will go the bubbles. In house conditions it is possible to use a thick soap solution. Coat them with a mattress, you will also notice bubbles in the place where the mattress is damaged. Select the marker of the rupture site.
If the mattress along the seam., you can try to cook it with the iron. If the mattress is soldered from two halves so that the seams have a large indent from the edge, this would be the easiest. To do this, grasp the paper, or newspaper. A mattress lay on the rail with an edge of 3-5 mm so that the edge of the slats were in place the new seam. The mattress in this place lay 2-3 layers of newspaper, and then very gently on the lowest temperature weld rupture suture again, constantly controlling the process. To overdo the iron on the material during welding of the mattress impossible.
If the puncture is not in the seam, then sand the area with damage to the cloth and then degrease with alcohol or Cologne.
Use the kit if it was sold along with the mattress. It typically includes glue and material patch, sometimes sold just a piece of material on the patch. If such a repair kit, a mattress, you can use an existing in everyday life remains similar materials – pieces of thin PVC, the thin elastic rubber, for example, household gloves, pieces of tent fabric, old baby swimming laps, etc. of the chosen material, cut the patch round or oval in shape.
Brush skim the surface cloth of the mattress and the patch adhesive. On the mattress the area on which glue is applied, should be a little more of the area of the patch (it can be applied to the mattress and circle with a pen or marker on the site of the puncture). Then, wait for about 20 minutes and then apply the patch in place and, starting from center, smooth it to the mattress towards the edges, avoiding the formation of bubbles.