Buy a set for tire. Consists of strips of raw rubber, a threaded tool (like a corkscrew), needle and glue. Take a corkscrew, coat it with glue, insert it into the puncture and elaste several times, back and forth. This is necessary for clearing the channel. Insert the needle in the strip of raw rubber so that it hung down 50/50, cover with glue and carefully push into the tire. Pull the needle out very sharply, but so that the flagella remained in place, cut the excess rubber that hangs down from the outer surface of the wheel and inflate it to 1.9 to 2.0 bar. It is possible to go.
Take the self-tapping screw slightly larger than the diameter of puncture, coat it with sealant and insert it into the hole. And then inflate the tyres to the same pressure as in the first step. Too hard to pump and pressure to drive fast is not recommended in this case.
Use universal adhesives, which can produce rapid repair of tubeless tires with the size of the holes up to 7-8mm. When using this kind of material is restored sealing tubeless tires in those places, where the use of the above two methods are not possible. For example, the side wall.