You will need
  • - spray dye;
  • - warm water;
  • - sponge;
  • liquid detergent for dishes;
  • - the rind of an orange.
To return the piece of leather to its former beauty and richness of color, can be used as the means at hand, and those sold in shops. A small size handbag or gloves made of this material, you can RUB fresh orange rind. The leather will Shine again and find the brightness of the color. But this reincarnation will be short and under constant wear in a week will require another treatment.
If the leather is grease stains, you can use any liquid detergent for dishes or shampoo. Sponge or soft cloth moisten with warm water and drop the selected vehicle on the spot. Then distribute the liquid on the contaminated surface and smooth circular motions to RUB it. If this method of fat stain to remove fails, you'll need to moisten a rag with turpentine or gasoline
To upgrade to leather using coloring agents. For example, using PERLAKOR. This tool is intended for processing natural and artificial leather, deeply penetrates into its structure and restores the color. The drug has a water repellent and resistant to climatic effects. This means a wide colour palette from black to gold. After treatment of the product with paint, it is recommended to use nail Polish PERLAKOR, which will increase the durability, enhance the repellent effect and give the leather a Shine.
If the product is made of faux leather has minor scuffs or places, where the crumbled paint, will also help aerosol. It not only updates the material, but also smoothes its surface, thereby disguising scratches and other defects in the material. In the treatment of the leather spray you should try not to overdo it. Otherwise, the paint layer will get thick soon crack and crumble. To avoid this, it is sprayed from a distance of 20 cm, and the jet is directed at an angle. You should try not to spray twice on the same place, otherwise stains may form.
If worn on the product pronounced, aerosol can not cope with them. In this case, will help Shoe aperture, for example, APPERTTO SUPER. The disadvantage of this painting is that these funds are small colors.
Leatherette can be updated using herbal remedies. If it is brown, cook a decoction of oak bark, ground acorns, or shells of the walnut, alder bark. Using different combinations of raw materials, it is possible to achieve such a shade of brown that will match the color of the leather. To update products green you can prepare a decoction of nettles or the bark of aspen. For black leatherette is ideal Basma, cherry – a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate.