How to save money when buying tickets? To go on vacation is not worth in the "high season". In the Krasnodar region accommodation by the sea in July and August is 30-40% more expensive than June or September. Opening of the tourist season falls on 15-20 day of the first month of summer, but to this day the beaches are open, fun are available. To swim in the sea in Anapa or Gelendzhik in Sochi from may 15-20, the water had already warmed up to 16-20 degrees. In September, the same from the coast to leave children and students, and it also causes prices to fall.
How to choose cheap housing? Accommodation in hotels and boarding houses — it is convenient. But you can always choose a more budget option — the private sector. Rent will be cheaper, but will have to use shared shower and toilet. Inexpensive accommodation is available in the apartment. The rental housing is relevant to the family or company. The cost of the room will always depend on the distance from the sea: the farther, the cheaper. Plus such rent being the availability of food. And the best budget accommodation on the sea — camping.
Saving on food at sea is very significant. If dinner is not in restaurants or cafes, and in the ordinary messes, you get budget. In any resort town a huge number of places where lunch from 2-3 meals worth from 200 to 400 rubles. But you can eat cheaper if you cook yourself. Having a kitchen will allow you to create delicious meals using products from the hypermarkets. In this case, the power to person will take not more than 1000 rubles per day. To buy food it is better not on the Waterfront, but away from the tourist areas. The markets and shops for local people are always nice prices.
Savings on transport are possible even in "high season". Never use the services of taxi drivers who stand at train stations, airports or Central promenade. They are always asking for more. Better find out the phone numbers of those companies that work on the coast all year round. To call the car by phone in any place is not difficult, and it will be cheaper. And don't forget public transport: buses, minibuses, trams or trolleybuses. They are everywhere, you just need to choose the right route.
How to save on excursions? For example, in the water Park or the Dolphinarium it is possible to go independently. The schedule is easy to find on the organization's website, the ticket can be bought at the entrance. But there is no overpayment for transportation. Of course, when traveling alone will not be able to listen to the tour guide, but it is not always important. On their own get to go to any performances, historical monuments, places of power. Cheaper to go by taxi or public transport, the price will depend on the distance of the object and the number of participants to calculate all costs in advance.
How to save money at leisure? Every evening the Promenade is full of events. On the main stage are often collectives of the city, performances and on the streets. To witness the concert, no need to buy tickets. Acrobats, dancers, singers and musicians working in the evenings everywhere, and their work can be observed for a modest charge. Even a walk along the Promenade is an interesting adventure, and sea bathing by the light of the moon will never be forgotten. We need only to show imagination, and to leisure there can be nearly no spend.
As a trendy space without the cost? If you want to visit an expensive restaurant, no need to deny yourself. But this place is worth a visit full. In this case you can order just appetizers and wine, and have a great evening without any extra costs. To save in the restaurant and refusing alcohol. The food is always cheaper than quality drinks.