You will need
  • - straps;
  • rope;
  • - Scotch;
  • glue.
The most common trouble that can happen to a suitcase – broken handle. In the absence of necessary tools, correct the position, using the means at hand. Instead of a broken arm use the strap and even better two, dragging a suitcase across in two places. From the top of the suitcase on the seat handle, slide under the straps to fit oblong. For some time this arrangement help to deal with a suitcase when carrying it.
If the belt is not at hand, use strong rope or twine, also wrapping her suitcase. When using the improvised rope handle of the suitcase can wring out of it, folded in several layers and wrapped around with tape. Such measures, of course, are temporary.
If conditions allow and there are at hand the necessary tools and materials, then detached the handle of the suitcase you can try to fix it. For this purpose the inner side of the suitcase, in the place of fastening of the handle, attach a strip of sturdy cardboard or plywood. Then attach the handle, passing fasteners through the gasket. This design will strengthen the connection of the handle housing and the travel time will solve the problem.
If damage suitcase connected with the violation of the integrity of his body, try to patch up the resulting hole from inside and outside dense material, such as leatherette. Attach the patch can with glue or, in a pinch, tape. Remember that the important thing is to ensure the safety of baggage before arrival at the destination.
A solid suitcase made of plastic, be repaired in the field can be problematic. In this case, contact the specialist workshop for professional-quality repairs.