Advice 1: How to repair a suitcase handle

The bags were crossbody evolution from Sumy to robust metal case with combination locks. The most popular today are plastic suitcases on wheels with telescoping handle. The handle of a suitcase is perhaps the most vulnerable part of the road attribute.
How to repair a suitcase handle
You will need
  • - Scotch tape or duct tape;
  • - rigid bus pad;
  • - threaded connection of bolt-nut;
  • - drill with a drill bit.
Take care of your Luggage when going on a long trip. Not to be left alone with a suitcase without a handle, which is "to bear hard, and throw a pity", don't be seduced by the cheapness of the proposed models. Even if you can't afford the branded bags company louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) or Samsonite (Samsonite), buy a decent sturdy suitcase-trolley at the best price.
Select modern plastic suitcase on wheels with multiple handles, one of which is telescopic. For longer life suitcase should have faired. Therefore, the handle of the suitcase must not protrude beyond it. Telescopic handles are located in a special niche. They should be free to move and flick of the wrist to return to its niche.
Suitcase with telescopic handle
Well, if in the chosen model of the suitcase are not two, but three handles. Latest handle located at the bottom of the suitcase-trolley, performs the functions of the legs. In this case, repair the handle of the suitcase can wait until the end of the trip, as instead of one broken handle can be used without significant inconvenience.
Repair handle suitcase own strength, if the failure happened on the road. When the handle cracked in half, attach it to any hard splint and wrap it with duct tape or electrical tape. The role of the tyre can carry a massive pen, markers, pencils or even a toothbrush. In the absence of a tight bandage tape the handle of the rolling case means at hand – a large handkerchief, scarf and so Turn on your imagination, not to carry you suitcase without a handle under his arm.
Repair suitcase handles often required when breakage of the extension mechanism of the telescopic handle. With such a fault it is better to contact a specialist garage. The strength of the handle affected area, but not the cross-sectional shape. Oval, rectangular or round cross-section retractable handles of your suitcase - does not matter.
If the cost of repair of the sliding mechanism of your expensive suitcase is comparable to the price of the new, give up and buy another suitcase on wheels. As a variant – you can buy a cheap Chinese suitcase, to remove this mechanism and to mount on your expensive suitcase.
Contact a repair shop, if the side handle of a suitcase torn "meat". Or try to fix her own hands. To do this you have to pile up rigid plates, drill holes and use the threaded connection of bolt-nut. Let the bags serve you for a long time and after each trip back intact!
To avoid breakage, do not lift the suitcase telescopic handle, use the side.
Useful advice
Buy in the way of a special harness with a handle, the load of the filled bag. They are designed just to protect the handle of the suitcase from damage when excess weight.

Advice 2: How to repair a Samsung TV

TVs by Samsung have good ratio of price and quality, therefore are popular. However, even very good models sometimes fail. If you can read schematic diagrams, use of measuring devices and to hold the soldering iron, try to repair the TV yourself.
How to repair a Samsung TV
Modern TV is a complicated electronic device, which in the inept repair of damage quite easily. That is why follow all the work very gently, never using force. Remember that repairs LCD TVs are often paired with the need for recovery software that to do yourself hard enough. So at home it is best to limit TV repair CRT monitor (cathode ray tube).
The most common faults with the Samsung TVs are a failure of the power supply and SSB Board (Central control Board). If the TV shows no signs of life, first check for voltage at the outlet. Then remove the back cover of the TV, check the power cord and the power button.
In that case, if the voltage is properly supplied to the TV, test the power supply. Inspect his clothes, pay attention to any signs of overheating. Typically, the power supply often fail capacitors, faulty fairly easy to determine in swollen top – serviceable parts it is flat.
If external survey has not led to the discovery of a fault, check the output voltage. You'll need a schematic diagram of your TV; find it on the Internet. The diagram shows all output voltages of the power supply. There is most often no supply voltage horizontal scan; it should be around 110-160 volts, depending on the size of the screen. What it is, the higher the voltage.
Now you need to understand why there is no output: defective power supply or a fault to be found in the block line scan. Disable the output voltage 110-160 from the scanner, which may require desoldering one of the parts of the power supply. Now connect the load an ordinary incandescent bulb of 100 watts. Turn on the TV and measure the voltage on the lamp. If it is close to normal, the power supply is OK.
Check chain line scan. Pay attention to the serviceability of the diodes and transistors. The test transistor start, not Vipava it. In that case, if the tester shows the breakdown should be desoldering a transistor or coming to him unsolder the wires (enough to unsolder two) and test again.
The same principle is relevant for diode – vypaivali one of the conclusions only in the case if the tester sample. Use the analog multimeter. It is much more informative than digital – health parts, can be judged according to the degree of deflection, its roll at the time of connection, etc.
If the TV turns on but the screen is a narrow horizontal strip, the faulty module is vertical scan. Check out its details; the chips, pay attention to the compliance voltage on pin specified in the diagram.
The missing image from the LSD-TV, darken the room and Shine a flashlight on the screen. If you see a faint image, perhaps a faulty power supply. Check the filter capacitors of the power supply; often out of order they. When their faults be sure to check the onboard fuse; it usually burns out. Replace the defective parts and turn on the TV. If the image does not appear, is faulty, most likely, the inverter. Replace the faulty chip.

Advice 3: How to repair a wheel from a baby stroller

Baby strollers, unfortunately, sometimes break. The most frequently damaged wheels. New stroller because of such failure do not want to buy, so parents try to rectify the situation somehow differently. But not all will be able to fix the wheel on the stroller yourself.
How to repair a wheel from a baby stroller
Repair shops strollers, where you could repair the useless one wheel, not so much. In some localities they simply do not. Parents Willy-nilly to try to repair.

We first have to determine the cause of the fault. Often it can be punctured chamber and contraction of the wheel. Such a wheel must be removed by pressing the lever in the center. After pressing the wheel easily slides off the axle. To get to explore the camera, first you need to remove the tire. If no obvious injuries, they have to look – it can be done in different ways.

How to fix a punctured wheel

The camera is the way to cheat and drop in a bowl of water from the punctured place go the bubbles. Get the camera, note the punctures with a marker. Can be done differently to lather the surface and see where soap bubbles. When the puncture is installed, proceed to the repair.

From a piece of cut rubber patch. Surfaces to be bonded must be degreased – for example, they can be wiped with gasoline. After that the puncture and the patch should be lubricated with glue and leave to rest for about half an hour. Then the patch, which is already a bit grappled with the place of bonding, it is necessary to heat and press using a press. To cheat the camera in about a day.

If you still have no desire to mess with gluing on their own, you can try to contact any tire.

Other damage

Extremely rare, but can happen and this failure, as damage to the bushing. Under a certain pressure bushing, which holds the wheel may break or deform. The blame for this can be poor quality material. Is that bushing a bit blurred because the wheels are often removed to clean it, then put it back. The wheel starts to "slip" when driving the stroller, and roll it becomes not very convenient.

Auto parts stores for strollers you can find your desired sleeve, in an extreme case, it is necessary to look among his friends Turner who undertakes to carve such.

If the wheel is warped, it should not be corrected even in cases where it seems possible. Could be a warped rim or a broken plate. At broken drive everything is clear plastic not to restore. If the rim of the wheel the metal when bending it trying to bend to its previous position. But it is better to buy a new wheel is unlikely to repair damaged to its former perfect shape.
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