You will need
  • - Scotch tape or duct tape;
  • - rigid bus pad;
  • - threaded connection of bolt-nut;
  • - drill with a drill bit.
Take care of your Luggage when going on a long trip. Not to be left alone with a suitcase without a handle, which is "to bear hard, and throw a pity", don't be seduced by the cheapness of the proposed models. Even if you can't afford the branded bags company louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) or Samsonite (Samsonite), buy a decent sturdy suitcase-trolley at the best price.
Select modern plastic suitcase on wheels with multiple handles, one of which is telescopic. For longer life suitcase should have faired. Therefore, the handle of the suitcase must not protrude beyond it. Telescopic handles are located in a special niche. They should be free to move and flick of the wrist to return to its niche.
Suitcase with telescopic handle
Well, if in the chosen model of the suitcase are not two, but three handles. Latest handle located at the bottom of the suitcase-trolley, performs the functions of the legs. In this case, repair the handle of the suitcase can wait until the end of the trip, as instead of one broken handle can be used without significant inconvenience.
Repair handle suitcase own strength, if the failure happened on the road. When the handle cracked in half, attach it to any hard splint and wrap it with duct tape or electrical tape. The role of the tyre can carry a massive pen, markers, pencils or even a toothbrush. In the absence of a tight bandage tape the handle of the rolling case means at hand – a large handkerchief, scarf and so Turn on your imagination, not to carry you suitcase without a handle under his arm.
Repair suitcase handles often required when breakage of the extension mechanism of the telescopic handle. With such a fault it is better to contact a specialist garage. The strength of the handle affected area, but not the cross-sectional shape. Oval, rectangular or round cross-section retractable handles of your suitcase - does not matter.
If the cost of repair of the sliding mechanism of your expensive suitcase is comparable to the price of the new, give up and buy another suitcase on wheels. As a variant – you can buy a cheap Chinese suitcase, to remove this mechanism and to mount on your expensive suitcase.
Contact a repair shop, if the side handle of a suitcase torn "meat". Or try to fix her own hands. To do this you have to pile up rigid plates, drill holes and use the threaded connection of bolt-nut. Let the bags serve you for a long time and after each trip back intact!