You will need
  • - material for the manufacture of the patch;
  • - scissors;
  • - ball point pen;
  • - glue suitable for PVC (e.g. "Seconds")
Find out the specific location of the damage circle. Inflate the circle and place it in the water. Each of the holes will come out the air bubbles. Mark these places — for example, trace with a ballpoint pen.
Manufacture of the patch. They must be of the same material as that of the circle. Cut out patches of rectangular shape but with rounded corners. The size of the patches fix it, so they completely cover the injury.
Degrease the contact surface of the circle, and patches, using alcohol, acetone or thinner. This will promote better adhesion of the glue surfaces.
Apply glue. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Typically, the adhesive is applied onto surface of repaired products, and the patch. The number of layers of adhesive also depends on a particular brand — sometimes it is enough to apply one layer of glue, and sometimes it is recommended to dry the first layer and re-apply another one.
Apply the patch to the repaired circle. Two hands exactly place it on the injury. Avoid wrinkling the surface of the circle or patch. Thumbs smooth the patch, removing from under it air.
After repair not inflate in a circle for 1 hour, then a circle should be inflated (not too tight) and leave for 24 hours for the adhesive and the adhesion of surfaces. After this round you can use.