You will need
  • Internet, problem books, materials for the exam, benefits for coming to MSU
The first step to enter the budget at MSU - selection of faculty. Narrow specialization is the key to success. Especially if you want to compete with hundreds of other applicants. Find out on the website of the faculty where you want to study the subjects, which are majors in the Department. A great option for entering special schools and courses at MSU. All training sessions can be divided into two groups: remote and face to face. Of course, if you live far from Moscow, distance learning is the best thing for you. Please note a joint project of MSU and MIPT (Moscow Phystech). It is the center of distance education. On the website you can prepare for University admission in real time absolutely for free.
One of the most simple possibilities for admission to the University receive prizes in the competition of the first level. In order to become the winner of the competition, you need to find jobs for applicants in the MSU of the past, to work out original and unusual tasks. Study of school level (elementary) for applicants as required. To prepare for the contest , MSU can enroll in full-time classes at the University. Hit in number of prize-winners of the national Olympiad will guarantee you admission to the budget at MSU.
The delivery of the Unified State Exam is also a good chance for admission. If you write a bad exam (for this you need to solve basic tasks, a good grasp of the material), you will need to pass additional examinations in Moscow state University. Again, the solution of problems from the collections of the University - the most simple and effective way. It should be noted that tasks in the MSU are non-standard in nature, and their solution involves non-standard character. Just learn to think outside the box, and then just will succeed.