Advice 1: How to enter the custom

Customs is a government body that supervises when moving goods across the borders of the country. Customs officers are always held in high esteem and abundance. So many are asking: "what can we do in customs?"
How to enter the custom
First, select a Higher educational institution, which provides the opportunity to learn the beloved. If such Universities in the country are multiple, choose the most reliable. To do this, find out how old your school is and what rating it is. Don't miss the point that the specialty can be different in different schools. Look for one that suits you.
If you chose a high school, select a specific specialty. In CIS countries most widely represented with the specialty "Customs payments and customs control". Check the availability of laboratories for customs examination. Be sure to check in non-state institutions, was whether your chosen specialty the state accreditation.
Find out what entrance exams will have to pass. Depending on the University may take either Humanities or exact Sciences (mathematics). Would be a mandatory exam for native and foreign languages. Apply to school, pass exams successfully, and you are already enrolled in the customs office. If you are on a budget, don't forget to pay for school is quite a round sum.
Follow by the second method proceeds in the customs office. It is much cheaper and easier. To do this, look for information about training courses of customs officers. These courses will prepare you on the basics of FEA, basics of customs. Learn to declare, on the basis of the contract, arrange customs control, to fill in the Declaration of customs value and methods of registration and more. Some courses help with employment. Of course, 5 years or more months of study to compare knowledge gained. However, years of practical experience after the course, it can replace a good theory of higher educational institutions.

Advice 2 : What to do in customs Academy

Russian customs Academy (MOUTH) is virtually the only institution in country preparing the customs profile. If you want to link their lives with this activity, then you need to do it in the MOUTH.
What to do in customs Academy
You will need
  • - passport;
  • the results of the exam.
For admission to the customs Academy first need to complete General education, what will indicate the presence of the certificate.
All higher educational establishments accept students on a competitive basis by results of unified state examination. For students that have not handed in school, the unified state exam provided by the test conducted by the University.
The customs Academy is mandatory for admission exams are the Russian language and social studies, and the third thing, depending on specialty: physical education, mathematics, history.
To enter the places financed from the Federal budget, it is necessary to prepare well for the exams.
For participation in the competition for admission must be submitted to the Academy documents. Will need passport and copy of passport and a copy of the certificate on passing the exam with copies of a statement, photo size 3*4 cm. you can Apply simultaneously for three directions of training.
If you passed the exam, and timely filed the documents, it remains only to wait for the results of the competition.
Useful advice
If you have not passed on competition on a budgetary place, the University is always possible to conclude an agreement on contract training. The best students get the opportunity to continue to transfer to the budget places.

To prepare for passing the unified state examination, in the customs Academy has a preparatory course. If you have the time and financial opportunity, there are highly trained specialists will help you prepare for successful exams.

In the customs Academy has places for the target admission of students. After graduation, these students agree to work a specified period in organizations providing them the direction. Usually, such directions are issued only to children successfully working for customs employees.
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