Those school leavers who are not afraid to go non-traditional path to higher education without passing the Institute examinations and the exam. Currently not find a higher education institution, for admission to which would not have to pass exams. For those who are not confident in their abilities to withstand the enormous competition on budgetary places and has no opportunity to study on a paid basis is an alternative way to obtain the coveted diploma of higher education: distance learning.

Go to College without taking the exam and exams

For the remote form of training will you need a computer, Internet and desire to master the study material. The teaching staff of such institutes and universities took into account all peculiarities of everyday life of a student working remotely, and produced high quality educational material that is sent to the student in the form of lectures. They can be published in audio or video format, as well as in traditional performance: in the form of a text printout.

The main difficulty for the student when such a form of learning is self-organization. The speed of the learning process depends on the student's ability to master the material and the desire to systematize your work. Submission of documents to remote universities occurs all year round, completed test papers are sent by mail or the Internet. There is an opportunity to get advice from teachers online. If the student has no opportunity to obtain educational materials via the network, an mail will be sent CDs with recordings of lectures and seminars.

The leading centers of distance learning

Virtually every well-known Institute there is a Department, practicing distance work with students, in which delivery of the sessions does not require their personal presence. There are independent units of these universities.

- At the Novosibirsk State pedagogical University has a Centre for open distance education for everyone, where you can get a degree in the field of: psychology, law, social pedagogy, etc.
- Welcome to distance learning students, IBU – Institute of business psychology and management. There is a wide selection of specialties, and to start learning you will only need payment and access to the Internet.
Remote Institute at Tomsk State University provides the opportunity to pursue higher education remotely in the field: radio engineering, state control, economy and Finance, management, etc.

Thus, for those high school graduates who do not wish to take admission in the University exams and the exam, there is a decent solution – remote obtaining all required to build their career knowledge and certifications.