Start with obtaining a diploma of higher legal education. Enrolled in the law faculty of any University. Specialty "notary" does not exist as such (in Russia there are units of the universities that issued it and the bar as a separate profile). When you split in the middle of training it is better to choose the specialization "Civil law", which has the introductory course "Fundamentals of notaries".
If you have a diploma from any other higher education except law, you do not have to go back to a College bench. You can enroll and finish the training of assistants, notaries or lawyers that will give you the right to claim after a few steps on the post of notary. These classes are open in many universities, academies and schools (Economics, law, business).
Get three years experience during the training. So you can save your time after it. The fact that under these conditions you will need to work only six months. Without it is a year - long internship in the public notary office or a notary in private practice. In order to begin your internship, you need to pass the exam. To practical experience you can as a notary assistant, his Secretary, a lawyer (some places are willing to hire students with incomplete higher education, in fact pay them far less than a qualified professional).
The next step is obtaining a license to notarial activities. To do this you have to pass a qualifying exam, which will take a special Commission. In the case of an unsuccessful attempt to repeat the passing of the exam you will be able only in a year.
Next you will have to wait for the time when your County will have a free unit. The number of notaries in the village is strictly limited, but there are those who will retire, freeing up space or chamber of notaries introduces additional jobs. As soon as they appear, you have one more exam to practice as notary activity in a given locality.
The learning process never ends. You have to constantly improve knowledge of the law, because in the field of notarial law is constantly changing and updated.