Decide which practice you pass. This will depend on its purpose and hence, write in your diary. Trial practice is the first and last for 3-4 weeks, during this time, the student needs only to observe the work of lawyers and to show that he understands the principles of work of a lawyer. Production practice is in order for the student to participate in the firm or institution to perform the most simple tasks. Pre-diploma practice requires active participation in the collection and understanding of the material for the thesis.
Create a diary practice. It must be a table with three columns. First you specify the date. Secondly, write in brief, what he did that day. In the third sign that your supervisor (the one who gives you the job). At the internship he has put the seal of the organization or institution under a table and sign.
If you take trial practice, you can just describe your actions: was present at the hearing, he read and analyzed the contract. Describe the action concisely, in one or two sentences.
Those who do practical work, it is important to point out its direct participation in the work, no matter how insignificant it may be. If you are settled in court, write that prepared the inventory and sewed the case, dismantled agenda. Passing practice at the firm can be written about the compilation folder for a particular project, the analysis of judicial practice on any issue. Only two or three sentences.
Students in the final year it is important to focus on preparation for the writing of the diploma. Ideally, you should work on the subject (for example, if you write a diploma in copyright, shall and practices take place in the company that does that). Try every day to indicate that you have done something that is relevant to the thesis. It must also be practical exercises (preparation of draft documents, analysis of legal acts).
Not always students are able last year to undergo training, where you can find information for the diploma. If you are working in a completely different area, then try at least a few times to mention its subject. Went to court? Write that acquainted with the decision on restoration on work (if you have to defend a diploma in employment law). As a rule, supervisors of practice understand these things and turn a blind eye to the "extra" information in the diary.