Advice 1: How to fill out the diary on the lawyer's practice

Law students undergo during training three practices: introductory, production and pre-diploma. After passing each of them must take the diary practice. The technique of filling is generally similar, it is important to remember is that from the records it must be clear the purpose of the internship.
How to fill out the diary on the lawyer's practice
Decide which practice you pass. This will depend on its purpose and hence, write in your diary. Trial practice is the first and last for 3-4 weeks, during this time, the student needs only to observe the work of lawyers and to show that he understands the principles of work of a lawyer. Production practice is in order for the student to participate in the firm or institution to perform the most simple tasks. Pre-diploma practice requires active participation in the collection and understanding of the material for the thesis.
Create a diary practice. It must be a table with three columns. First you specify the date. Secondly, write in brief, what he did that day. In the third sign that your supervisor (the one who gives you the job). At the internship he has put the seal of the organization or institution under a table and sign.
If you take trial practice, you can just describe your actions: was present at the hearing, he read and analyzed the contract. Describe the action concisely, in one or two sentences.
Those who do practical work, it is important to point out its direct participation in the work, no matter how insignificant it may be. If you are settled in court, write that prepared the inventory and sewed the case, dismantled agenda. Passing practice at the firm can be written about the compilation folder for a particular project, the analysis of judicial practice on any issue. Only two or three sentences.
Students in the final year it is important to focus on preparation for the writing of the diploma. Ideally, you should work on the subject (for example, if you write a diploma in copyright, shall and practices take place in the company that does that). Try every day to indicate that you have done something that is relevant to the thesis. It must also be practical exercises (preparation of draft documents, analysis of legal acts).
Not always students are able last year to undergo training, where you can find information for the diploma. If you are working in a completely different area, then try at least a few times to mention its subject. Went to court? Write that acquainted with the decision on restoration on work (if you have to defend a diploma in employment law). As a rule, supervisors of practice understand these things and turn a blind eye to the "extra" information in the diary.
The report on the practice of a lawyer are also attached practice plan, a diary to the report and a reference from your internship. The sequence of submission of documents upon delivery of the report on the practice following the internship Supervisor from the enterprise. Mikhalkov, Valery. Here are two examples, as is the report on the practice of a lawyer.
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The passage of pre-diploma practice is an important element of the educational process for training specialists in the field of jurisprudence. During its passage the lawyer applies the obtained in the process of learning knowledge and skills in practice. 4.3. Violation of internal regulations of the company. Appendix 2. Diary of passage of practice in the legal consulting Agency "CASTROL".

Advice 2 : How to fill out a diary of pre-diploma practice lawyer

Pregraduation practice is one of the final steps in obtaining legal education. Condition for admission to the final examination in the undergraduate practice is the provision of a student of accounting documents, the main of which – the diary practice.
How to fill out a diary of pre-diploma practice lawyer
The internship journal is a document with which the student reports on the work performed during the internship.

The design of the diary practice lawyer

On the cover of the journal must include the surname, name and patronymic of the student, as well as code, name, speciality and form of study (internal, correspondence, internally-correspondence). On the first page is fixed, the timing of practices, number of weeks, information about the legal organization and the faculty supervisor. The diary can be executed in handwritten or printed version.

In order to properly fill in the diary, the student should be familiar with the work program of externship lawyers. It describes the major themes and directions which the student must adhere to during the internship and completing the reporting documentation.

Filling in the diary practice lawyer

The diary form provides three columns: date, name of work and working time. The column "date" is filled daily with instructions of number, month and year. Difficulties can arise when making the column "Name of work". Since the main goal of pre-diploma practice of the lawyer is to practice and the acquisition on the basis of their practical skills, then this column can be filled with the description of the employment activities of the student in legal organizations.

Examples of the description of the working activities of a student in a law company:
• acquaintance with the statutes and internal labor regulations of the organization;
• study registration data of the company;
• changes in the constituent documents;
• the study of psychological aspects of work with clients;
• execution of General power of attorney for transactions with real estate;
• preparation of the statement of claim about collecting of the alimony;
• visit of the process in the magistrates ' court when considering a claim for alimony;
• development of the contract on granting of premises in rent for the private entity;
• transfer documents to the archive for past periods;
• preparation of petitions for deferment of payment of alimony;
• leaving the scene of an accident and participation in the preparation of documents for pecuniary damage.

In the third column "Working time" shall bear the number of hours worked by the student per working day. For example, 8 hours, 6 hours and so on.

Correct and timely processing of diary of externship lawyer – the key to its successful passage and admission to the final state certification.
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