If the injury is light, it is possible to limit the use of such waxes, as lanolin, solcoseryl. Good results are obtained by wetting the damaged section of sea buckthorn or olive oil. Some people perfectly helps honey or ointment based on propolis (of course, only if they have no Allergy to bee products). Many doctors (especially the older generation) recommended old, but proven, means of – zinc ointment. It is in most cases also promotes rapid healing of wounds.
Some mothers treat injuries to children usual hygienic lipstick or oil containing vitamin E (it can be bought in any pharmacy). As a rule, in mild trauma to the lips it helps. It is not necessary to cauterize her brilliant green or iodine, as this can cause skin burns.
Keep in mind that before you start treatment with ointments, it is recommended that some time be applied to the damaged areas of the ice, or any cold object (metal is better). This will contribute to the reduction of edema and better subsequent healing of the injury. Required before applying you have to remove the blood if it is available.
If the damage is strong, if formed laceration, it is necessary to consult a surgeon, and the sooner the better! Many people (especially in children) afraid of the word "operation", but it is better to overcome your fear. Otherwise, after healing of the wound will always remain visible and ugly scar. And the saying "scars adorn a man!" will only serve a small consolation. Moreover, if we are not talking about a man. In the Arsenal of modern medicine are quite highly effective pain-killers, and such operations in the majority of cases do not cause patients any discomfort.