Places scratches (or bites) should immediately treat two percent solution of hydrogen peroxide. A little later disinfect the wound with alcohol or iodine. Through such traditional means you will be able to prevent the development of infection. To accelerate also the process of healing is possible due to a considerable number of existing tools in modern medicine. All of them can be purchased at the pharmacy.
An effective tool is the "Miramistin" is a drug, made on the basis of myristic acid. According to experts, it is one of the best antiseptics that can replace almost half of the funds from a home kit. The drug also is an excellent tool for the prevention of suppuration scratches. By the way, using "Miramistina, you can avoid taking many antibiotics. Moreover, this medicine does not cause allergic reactions, but because it can make even the children.
Well established and a tool called "EMU oil". To apply it is quite simple: apply it to the scratches in the mornings and evenings. Lubricate the location of damage is also possible and colloidal silver (2 times a day). Please note that when using these two tools simultaneously scratches heal several times faster.
In some cases, may still need antibiotics. Most often doctors prescribe a medication called Erythromycin (dose of 500 mg daily). Good results can be achieved if we apply the "Gentamicin" or "Doxycycline" and "Prednisolone".
Experts also note that the infection in the wound can is more likely to develop in people with weakened immune systems. So it is useful and taking medicines that strengthen the immune system. The necessary tool you may recommend infectious disease physician.