You will need
  • - aloe Vera juice
  • - sea buckthorn oil
  • - tea tree oil
  • - animal fats
  • zinc ointment
  • - sintomitsinovoy or tetracycline ointment
  • hydrogen peroxide
Drink a complex of vitamins and minerals. Select the appropriate complex, having a balanced composition. Take vitamins daily. If necessary, repeat the standard course.
Change the diet. Enrich it with fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts. Sugary drinks and treats, limit, avoid frequent consumption of spicy food.
Try to "glue" the edges of the crack. Purchase at the pharmacy a special medical glue. Fold the lips so that the edges of the cracks came together, and lubricate them with a thin layer of glue. Wait for the glue and limit the mobility of the lips.
Make healing lotions. Bury aloe Vera juice inside of the cracks (only two or three drops) – always use fresh cut leaf of the plant. Lubricate cracks healing oils – sea buckthorn, tea tree oil etc. Quickly restore tissue animal fats – pork, fish oil. Mix the fat with a zinc ointment or a small amount of honey and apply on the cracks at night.
Use medicines. Treat cracks in the corners of the lips can be using sintomitsinovoy or tetracycline ointment, the composition of Vishnevsky and soap. Ointment apply to clean and dried skin, RUB gently, taking care not to stretch the edges of the wound. Streptocid grind to a powder and pripudrivayut during the day, periodically treating the surface with hydrogen peroxide.
Ensure adequate hydration of the skin. Periodically sprinkle it on cracks thermal water, drink plenty of fluids and moisturize the air in the room.
Change the usual means of oral hygiene. Use another tooth paste or powder, change your mouthwash and rinse, limit the use of air freshener for the mouth.
Always use chapstick. Use special tools to soften the skin of the lips, especially in frosty and windy weather.