Advice 1: Why sore lips

Many people from time to time suffer from peeling, dryness and soreness of the lips that is associated with the influence of external factors and health status. For proper treatment should identify the cause of pain.
Why sore lips
The most common cause of a painful lip is the impact of weather (or meteorological cheilitis). For example, the sun thins the protective layer of the skin of the lips, which often leads to dry, cracking and wounds. The negative impact of cold and wind that may provoke the development of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

As a rule, meteorological cheilitis is manifested not only by dryness of the lips, but also the appearance of itching and burning, the formation of swelling and redness of the skin around the lips. In the absence of treatment and poor hygiene, the disease can turn into malignant form, which is fraught with negative consequences in the appearance of the rotting sores as a result of penetration of dangerous infections into the body.

Most often the negative impact of weather can be reduced by taking vitamins of the group PP and, using the mitigating and protective products for the lips (a lip balm, lip balms). For those who are constantly exposed to external factors (while outdoors), it is recommended to use sunscreen creams and ointments, which writes out an experienced dermatologist.

The second reason may be the presence of an allergic reaction to something (cosmetics, product, toothpaste, cigarettes, etc.). This is called allergic halidom, to eliminate which it is necessary to identify the allergen and try not to interact with him.

Also cause painful sensations are different diseases (e.g., exacerbation of herpes of the skin and mucous membranes. For elimination of symptoms it is advisable to consult a doctor, he will put an accurate diagnosis. In any case, no need to self-medicate.

Advice 2 : What severe irritation on my lips

Irritation on the lips can occur for various reasons. To get rid of it, you must first remove the cause. Human skin has a protective function, but when exposed to aggressive substances, these functions are decreasing, here and there inflamed skin.
What severe irritation on my lips

Causes of irritations on the lips

Irritation on the lips may appear in different places. If you notice cracks or small scabs in the corners of the mouth, pay attention to the condition of the organism as a whole. These skin lesions are called races. The reason for their appearance is often a streptococcal infection. It can develop on dry, injured skin, and in compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, caries of the teeth. Also the cause of the event can be anemia, vitamin deficiencies, poor diet, lack of vitamins, improper bite and even diabetes.

Another cause of irritation on the lips may be herpes. Sores can form anywhere, from the corner of his mouth and ending with the center of the lips. Typically, this disease first appears itching, small watery pimples. They burst, form a crust. This disease can be transmitted even through the dishes.
Therefore, a person who had herpes, must have his own dishes, towel.

Some types of dermatitis accompanied by severe irritation of the lips, for example, perioral. In this disease the patient appear nodules and pustules around the mouth. The appearance of rash accompanied by itching and peeling of the skin. This disease can be caused by both external factors (environmental) and internal (endocrine disorders).
To identify dermatitis, you must pass the clinical blood.

How to get rid of the irritation on the lips

To recover the skin of the lips, it is necessary to remove the cause. This can be done with the help of a specialist. Only a doctor will be able to choose the most effective treatment. To remove race, in addition to medication, the person will need to adjust the diet, that is, to diversify its products are rich in Riboflavin. It is also necessary to treat damaged skin fukortsin and boric alcohol. For the treatment of herpes a dermatologist will be assigned antiviral therapy. And to get rid of perioral dermatitis, the patient will have to use antihistamines, hormonal ointments. In some cases, you may be assigned detoxification therapy.

People suffering from dermatitis should adhere to a diet, that is, to eliminate from the diet citrus fruits, chocolate, spicy food, spices, fish, mushrooms, meats, berries, and whole milk.

Advice 3 : Why lips turn white

The white color of the lips can indicate any serious disease. Doctors call those lips anemic, that is pointing to the anemia. But this is not always a symptom of this disease. Lips can become white and because of problems with the cardiovascular system.
Why lips turn white
An experienced doctor may get an idea about the person's health without any testing and research, just by looking at his face. A good indicator of the condition of the body are the lips, or their appearance. In a healthy person they have a smooth light pink color. If the lips become white, it can be a symptom of diseases including very serious. Then it is necessary to pass the examination and start treatment.

For diseases of the lips can become white

If the man's lips become pale, taking on a grayish-whitish color, it almost certainly indicates anemia. You need to do a blood test and upon confirmation of the diagnosis to try to increase the level of hemoglobin. The simplest way is to increase the consumption of foods rich in iron. Of animal products a champion of the content of this element is the liver. Also a lot of iron in beef. From vegetable products, most of iron in pomegranates, beets, red apples. We recommend that you also take medicines containing iron, for example, "Perlatum", "ferrum Lek".

If the lips become pale gray, with distinct bluish tint, it is a sign of heart disease. Well, when on the edge of such lip is visible to the red line, we can talk about cyanosis – lack of blood oxygen and excessive concentrations of reduced hemoglobin due to disturbances in the pulmonary circulation. About the cyanosis is also evidenced by bluish coloration of the skin of the hands, the ears. In this case, you must quickly consult a doctor. For the diagnosis of cyanosis used x-ray examination. In the treatment of this disease use oxygen, that is oxygen inhalation.

Causes of pale lips are not related to the disease

Lips can turn white not only because of diseases. Some people certainly have heard the expression, "the Blood drained from the face". And someone witnessed similar phenomena. This is the result of a sudden severe fright or sudden severe pain (from shock, burn, etc.). Occurs reflex spasm of peripheral blood vessels (especially capillaries), and blood flow in the superficial tissue of the body is drastically reduced. Naturally, the lips this be much lighter. This phenomenon usually does not last long and disappears once the person starts to calm down or the pain will become weaker.
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