You will need
  • Patience and faith in your abilities
Rate the state of your family budget, talk about it with one of the parentswith whom you have a mutual understanding more often. It is possible that in the short term, the family will not be able to afford these financial costs.
Offer an option when part of the funds for the purchase you make from personal savings: the pocket money, compensation for summer jobs, etc.
In advance to psychologically prepare parents. Tell us what advantages you will have if you become the owner of the phone. For example, the efficiency of communication between you. Imagine with a situation when you may urgently need to speak to you, and in that case they can always call and find out where you are and what you do.
Try to maintain a rapport with parents, which contributes to active participation in the family's living arrangement and home care. Offering help in household Affairs, you naturally bow your parents to be more loyal and attentive to your aspirations. Than, less complaints from them, so they are more willing to concede.
Time your request to purchase a phone for your birthday or New year celebration. When parents ask what to buy you as a gift, with a smile, announce your choice. Especially if the old phone has suddenly failed or long gone out of sight, and you are deprived of the usual comforts of cellular communication.
Explain that the newer the phone, so it is safer for health: it has a larger screen so better for the eye condition, the casing is made of modern materials, without residues of harmful substances and also creates less radiation.
Tell us about the advantages of using the new technologies of mobile communication, because they allow a user to access a vast amount of information that will positively affect the condition of your intelligence.
Reassure parentsthat you will use cellular communication when it is really necessary and will save money for services of cellular communication.