Cracks usually occur on the lower lip. They can also appear in the corners of the lips. In this case, the reason that causes their appearance - a staph infection or malocclusion. The treatment of these fractures usually begin after the examination the doctor, since it is necessary to find the disease causing their appearance.
Cracks appearing on the bottom lip, can be treated easily at home. Be sure if you experience such trouble, you should increase the amount of fluids you drink. Per day an adult needs about two liters of water to provide needed moisture all organs and tissues. In addition, it is useful if you frequently cracks regularly use a balm or a lip cream that contains petrolatum and lanolin which soften the skin and protect lips from moisture loss.
Sometimes cracks on the lips occur due to lack of vitamins. So when they appear it is necessary to pay attention to your diet. Be sure to include in the menu foods rich in vitamin a as well As b and C vitamins: meat, eggs, liver, dairy products, greens, black currants, rosehips, oatmeal, brown bread. In the spring, when the body is weakened, it is useful to take multivitamin preparations.
A very effective means of preventing the appearance of cracks on the lips is honey. People suffering from this disease, need daily before sleep to lubricate their lips, and take 1 teaspoon of this useful product inside, squeezed warm water. As we know, honey has anti-inflammatory effect, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.