Advice 1: How to treat sores on lips

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth, which is caused by infection and is accompanied by the emergence of aphthas, herpes lesions, called stomatitisohms. The disease is spread not only on the mucous membranes of the palate, tongue, and lips. Causes of stomatitis can include trauma, chemical, thermal burn, radiation exposure. But most frequently it occurs on the background of common diseases – infectious diseases, allergies, gastrointestinal disease, intoxication, heart disease, blood and endocrine disorders.
How to treat sores on lips
You will need
  • - pharmacy propolis tincture, hydrogen peroxide 3%;
  • - herb fireweed;
  • - strawberries;
  • - pharmacy chamomile, boric acid;
  • - aloe, Kalanchoe.
With the appearance of painful ulcerations on the lips and oral cavity relying on self-treatment is not necessary. Need urgent advice not only dentist, but also a therapist, and possibly other specialized doctors. Need accurate diagnosis of the causes of stomatitis, since most serious diseases that threaten life (leukemia, tuberculosis, syphilis, diabetes, etc.), first manifested on the oral mucosa.
If the sores on lips caused by local factors, it is possible to conduct the treatment yourself, consult your doctor. If the cause is bacterial infection – a necessary course of antibiotics that can be taken only as directed by your doctor.
For the treatment of painful aft use proven methods of traditional medicine. Take the pharmacy propolis tincture, do lotions for ulceration, pre-treating them with 3% hydrogen peroxide (10 ml per 50 ml of water).
Prepare a decoction of the leaves of willow-herb angustifolia. Steep 15 grams of herbs Cup of boiling water and boiling for 15 minutes on low heat, infuse for an hour. Strain and gargle with the decoction, and to the lips, make lotions.
Helps cleanse aft overlaying them mashed strawberries for 15-20 minutes 3-4 times a day. Definitely before the procedure, wash the ulcers with hydrogen peroxide 3% (teaspoon per 100 ml of water) or mortar furatsilina.
Prepare an infusion of chamomile blossoms. 15-20 grams of inflorescences pour a glass of boiling water, insisting in a warm place for one hour, filter. Add 4 grams of boric acid, stir. Gargle with 5-7 times a day prepared solution, and on the lips apply a lotion with the infusion.
Good result gives a blurred ulcers juice of Kalanchoe or aloe 3-5 times a day. Dissolve a piece of aloe in the mouth 3-5 times a day.
Impaired immunity, low culture of hygiene of the oral cavity is highly contribute to the development of stomatitis.
Useful advice
In any form of stomatitis is not recommended to smoke, make spicy, spicy, solid food. Avoid products that can cause an allergic reaction.

Advice 2 : How to recognize thrush

Of all the long list of diseases of the mucous membranes of the mouth, stomatitis – the most treacherous and cunning enemy. Often disguised as sore throat, stomatitis takes up valuable time needed for treatment.
How to recognize thrush

Types and characteristics of stomatitis

There are several types of this disease:
– aphthous;
– Candida;
– herpes.

The peculiarity of stomatitis is that in 80% of cases the causative agent of the disease are viruses. On error diagnosis, the doctor takes the stomatitis for sore throat and assigns antibacterial treatment (antibiotics). As a result, instead of healing it turns a worsening of the disease.

The first signs

Stomatitis often affects children. The reason is that the immune system is weakened kids. In the children's team more likely to catch a viral infection. Children often injure the mucous membrane of the mouth, especially during teething.

When a child starts stomatitis, it is not always able to explain what was bothering him. Therefore, mothers should pay attention to the following symptoms:
– redness of the mouth and throat;
– puffiness;
– increase of saliva;
– pale yellow;
– pain when swallowing and in contact with food (it will occur in toddlers anxiety and crying while trying feeding).

If at this stage, the stomatitis was not detected, not initiated adequate antiviral treatment, the mucous membrane sores appear. Depending on what kind of pathogen has entered the body, sores may be converted from vesicles (herpes) or just appear in the form of aft (aphthous stomatitis). They have a clear round shape, covered with gray or yellow tinge. The edges of the wounds inflamed, reddish. Often there is a fever that holds up as long as do not die of the virus. Can become inflamed lymph nodes.

Allergic stomatitis and its features

The main difference between allergic stomatitis from the virus is the great degree of swelling and the duration of the disease. Stomatitis may appear at the onset of Allergy season, for example, at flowering, and do not go to the end. The primary treatment in this case is antihistamine therapy.

Preferably when the first symptoms show ill not just a therapist or pediatrician, but also the dentist. If a physician has doubts concerning the form and the agent, it will send to a number of additional analyses that will doubt and finally to confirm the diagnosis. The results will be assigned the necessary treatment.
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