Advice 1: How to quickly heal a black eye

A hematoma or bruise in the parlance of the black eye - a very common form of surface damage. Already formed a bruise to heal cold bandages later. When the formed hematoma is recommended to treat the means that contribute to the heating of resorption and hemorrhage.
How to quickly heal a black eye
You will need
  • gel "Badyaga";
  • "Indovazin";
  • - "Troxevasin";
  • - ointment of comfrey;
  • - balsam "Lifeguard";
  • - potatoes;
  • - med;
  • - wormwood;
  • - ghee;
  • - cabbage leaf.
Therapy black eye Bereznik requires treatment to avoid damage to the mucous membrane of the eye. The most effective remedy for bruises is supposed to apply only in the bottom of a black eye, and it is better not in powder form and in the form of a gel according to the instructions.
For the treatment of a hematoma can use "Indovazin", which reduces swelling, soothes inflammation, providing a local analgesic effect. "Troxevasin" effect on the capillaries, increases their resistance and reduces the permeability of the vein walls. Due to this, it quickly reduces swelling, pain and bruising resolves. Essentially, this means immediate help.
An effective remedy is an ointment of comfrey containing plant root extracts of comfrey and Goldenseal in combination with tea tree oil, which ensures rapid healing.
Balsam "Lifeguard" with a high regenerative ability, it also quickly removes bruises.
In addition, traditional medicine offers many tools for quick and effective relief from the decorations under the eye. Grate raw potato medium size on a small grater. Add to the resulting slurry a teaspoon of honey and apply on the damaged area. Keep from 20-40 minutes, then remove the slurry and rinse the skin with warm water and Pat dry with a soft towel.
Highly effective treatment of hematomas is the wormwood that contains chamazulene, anti-inflammatory action and tannins. Crush fresh leaves of wormwood until mushy state, add equal amount of ghee and grind components to a homogeneous state. Neat massaging movements RUB into the hematoma is cooked 4-5 times a day until complete resorption of the spot.
Multiple attachment to bruise the cabbage leaf also contributes to its speedy disappearance. Repel cabbage leaf until soft. When you receive the juice, lightly grease the sheet with honey and put it on a black eye, a band-aid fix.
A black eye is not the worst damage with bruises around the eyes. A much more dangerous injury of eye and orbit obtained at the same time. Therefore, any trauma to this area must be examined by an ophthalmologist.

Advice 2: How to cure a black eye

Black eye, bruised leg, badly set injection. The reasons may be different, but the result is the same: a Shiner (aka a black eye or hematoma). Rupture of small blood vessels lead to subcutaneous hemorrhage and bruising "blooms", acquiring a purplish-blue or yellowish-greenish color.
How to cure a black eye
Treatment for bruises should begin immediately after injury or trauma, and the sooner the better. The first thing you want is cold. Apply to the bruised place wrapped in a plastic bag of ice or any other cold object and hold for about 20 minutes with small breaks. This will relieve the pain and prevent the development of hematoma.
If the "cold therapy" did not help, and the bruise is still there, it is necessary to systematically warm the injured part by massage, rubbing or warming creams. This will help to accelerate the resorption of Fingal.
To treat bruising it is possible to use resolving and warming ointment, such for example, as "Indovazin" or "Caffeine". Pretty effective also is a balm "Lifeguard", ointment "Arnica" or proven folk remedy – an ointment of comfrey.
To accelerate the resorption of already formed bruise, and using the iodine. With the help of cotton swabs draw on the bruised place iodine grid. Repeat this process once a day for as long as the hematoma does not disappear.
In the treatment of bruises need to be careful which color gets skin. If the black eye "blossomed" blue or greenish-yellow, you should not worry and continue treatment with home remedies. But if the injury site becomes red, contact the doctor-traumatologist, because in severe cases, bruising can lead to very serious complications.
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