You will need
  • Sol;
  • - water and hydrogen peroxide;
  • - ice;
  • - remedy for oral cavity;
  • - anesthetic gel;
  • - vitamins.
For disinfection of the wound will help rinsing the mouth with salt and hydrogen peroxide. To prepare the saline solution, you will need to mix 2 teaspoons of salt with water at room temperature. Gargle with this solution it is advisable to repeat after each meal and before bedtime. Hydrogen peroxide should be mixed in equal quantities with water. You can use one quarter Cup. Well then moisten a cotton Bud applied to the wound and hold for a few seconds. It is necessary to repeat twice a day, morning and evening. Replace the peroxide can solution of chlorhexidine.
You also need to drink cold water throughout the day, the cold helps to relieve inflammation and reduce pain. But if you cold drink is not recommended, try to suck pieces of ice. They quickly melted, you can store them in a thermos.
It is recommended to use for oral cavity. Frequent rinsing this tool will reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth. Buy him a better in the pharmacy and rinse as often as possible.
In case the pain does not subside, take a painkiller, for example, "Aspirin". It can be used if you are at least 18 years of age. To get rid of pain as well helps the anaesthetic gel, it is available without a prescription. Lubricate the wound with this gel should be every two hours. If sores in the mouth continue to bother you for four weeks or more you should immediately go to the dentist so he can see if you have a serious disease, such as abscess of the tooth.
It is important to find out the cause of sores in the mouth, pass the necessary tests and screening. When you find the cause, treatment should begin immediately. But most importantly - it is always necessary to monitor the hygiene of the oral cavity. To use toothpaste only proven brands and change your toothbrush every three months. Suggest is all dentists, because a number of reasons why form sores can be painful teeth, inflammation of gums and tooth decay.
It is important to take care and maintain the immune system. Usually weak immune system can not resist viruses, bacteria and germs. Better to start with charging and tempering procedures. In addition, do not forget about taking vitamins such as B12, as due to their lack of such lesions in the mouth may after a while appear again. A strong immune system is the best way to prevent wounds in the mouth.