Possible causes of swelling of the upper lip

Why can greatly swell the upper lip? There can be various reasons - for example, a trivial insect bite, blow on a blunt object or other mechanical damage that it is hard not to feel. However, the situation is greatly complicated, if you don't know what preceded the appeared swelling.

Such factors may include allergies, in particular for cosmetics for lips, and for products used in food: sweet, citrus, chocolate. Possible reasons for swelling of the upper lip include herpes.

What if suddenly swollen lip?

The choice of the method of eliminating severe swelling of the upper lip depends on the cause of swelling. If you had an allergic reaction, in this case, you should take antihistamines that will relieve itching and swelling will fade. Also in the past sometimes there is noticeable numbness of the lips. Don't be afraid. This phenomenon occurs due to reduced blood circulation in the squeezed swelling vessels. Accordingly, as soon as the swelling subsides, the blood supply is restored. It is possible redness.
Not peredergivaete ice on the lips! This can lead to hypothermia, which then can lead to frostbite.

In case the swelling is caused by mechanical damage, it is, as a rule, is accompanied not only edema, but also hematoma resulting from damage to the blood vessels of the lips. In this situation, you should put something cold available on hand for possible ice wrapped in a clean cloth.

If the cause was herpes, use antiherpetic ointments. You can also apply a warm compress with salt, which will help to relieve swelling of the lips. In any case, do not try to get rid of the bubbles. They contain the pathogen, which, when applied to a healthy area of the skin will cause infection and it.
In the case of swelling lip due to cold sores, use antiviral ointment, and then "Root", "Zovirax" or sintomitsinovoy gel.

In that case, if you don't know the exact reason for the sudden swelling of the upper lip, try to alternate cold and warm compresses. This procedure very fast will help to reduce swelling. For cold compress fit ice, and warm, folded several times to the cloth or gauze soaked in warm salt water.

Keep in mind that self – treatment is only a temporary measure, it is better to consult a doctor to clarify the causes, treatment and prevention of consequences.