Fresh scratches should be immediately treated with antiseptic. For these purposes, perfect three-percent hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine solution. If no antiseptics, scratches can be washed under running fresh water.
Then a scratch, you can apply the ointment "Rescuer". It is well heals the skin surface and also prevents the wound infection.
You can also try an ointment or gel "Solkoseril" - they are also great heal small skin lesions. The gel should be applied to the scratch two to three times a day, ointment one or two times a day. You can also try an ointment aktovegin, it activates metabolism in tissues, improves trophic and stimulating the regeneration processes.
At night scratch, you can handle a five-percent solution of iodine. He is well disinfects and dries the wound.During the night the iodine will be absorbed and in the morning, the yellow traces will not be visible. Note that if the scratch is deep, then iodine is necessary to handle only the edges.
It is not necessary to seal the scratches on the face of the plaster, under the plaster skin restored for longer.
If the scratch is stale, it can be lubricated with cream "Boro plus". It promotes processes of the regeneration of the skin and also helps heal skin without any further scar formation.
To mask scratches cosmetic only when they dry out. For this perfect concealer or powder with a drying effect. In pharmacies you can also view correctors, which include antibacterial ingredients - with them the healing process will go even faster.
If the scratch is fresh, and you need to go outside, you must seal it "diasim" band-aid, so as not to allow infection get into the wound.