Advice 1: Harmful mosquito coils

Effective spiral from insects are harmful not only to mosquitoes. In the combustion process, they emit dangerous carcinogens. That is why it is sometimes necessary to turn to a trusted and secure "Babushka" means of salvation from pesky mosquitoes.
Harmful mosquito coils

Damage spirals

American scientists have conducted serious studies of a variety of means from mosquitoes. The results were far from expected. So it became clear that the glowing spiral from mosquitoes in the combustion process emit a number of hazardous to the human respiratory system substances. Exposure to these carcinogens increases if you use spirals in closed small spaces. Especially carefully it is necessary to use such funds for the children.

A joint study of American and Malaysian scientists showed that in eight hours of burning ordinary green smoldering spiral emit carcinogenic solid particles in the same amounts that a huge number of cigarettes (from seventy-five to one hundred and forty). Therefore, you should not sleep in the room where is used this insecticide. Ideally, these resources should be used to rid the space of the flying guests, and then to repay the helix. Of course, this tool much safer to use outdoors because the amount of carcinogenic particles reaches a critical concentration outside the closed spaces.

Other ways

Advertising convinces consumers that any modern ways to get rid of mosquitoes are completely harmless, do not forget to read the included manual. However, for the health of the family, perhaps you should think about other ways of dealing with blood-sucking parasites. There are many traditional media, known for a long time.
Caucasian or Persian Daisy, and pyrethrum affects the nervous cells of almost any insects. Mosquitoes never fly in the room, treated with pyrethrum, at the same time, man this plant can't hurt.

There are observations that mosquitoes can not tolerate the smell of the leaves of tomato. To combat them you can put a few pots with sprouts of tomatoes on the window sills. It will not allow the mosquitoes to fly into the room even with open Windows.
Steamed with a conventional burner camphor in small quantities will help to clean away insects even a big house.

Mosquitoes do not like the smell of Valerian, cedar, juniper, fir cones, camphor and tobacco. This does not mean that should deter mosquitoes, Smoking cigarette after cigarette, but to think about the purchase of essential oils of juniper, or of Valerian is. A small oil burner to cleanse a room from mosquitoes for half an hour.

Advice 2: Homemade mosquito repellent

In the summer the mosquitoes become a real disaster, not giving rest even in the house, not to mention working in the garden, Hiking in the woods and walks on the river. Especially in a lot of trouble they bring to children and women with delicate and sensitive skin. To protect yourself from mosquitoes you can with the help of improvised means, which can be found in each house.
Homemade mosquito repellent

Miraculous protective agent against annoying insects can be cooked with his own hands from simple ingredients that are in every home: cheap and reliable.

For preparation will need:

  • vegetable oil (olive better, although suitable and corn, and sunflower)
  • shampoo (you can substitute allspice with liquid soap or scented shower gel)
  • 9% vinegar (if necessary, you can use vinegar diluted with water - one scoop 70% of the essence 7 tablespoons of plain water)

All three ingredients you need to mix in porcelain or plastic container into a homogeneous mass. She will look like the emulsion of white color. To prepare such emulsion can and large portions, and small. The finished mixture can be poured into a plastic bottle with a screw cap (e.g. from hair dyes or mineral water). The emulsion can be kept in a cool place and you can take with you to the cottage or in the forest expedition. For mosquito protection, it is sufficient to apply the mixture on the exposed areas of the body and painful bites are not afraid of you.


What if mosquitoes had already managed to bite, and the skin had itchy painful blisters? The main thing - do not brush the damaged place on the skin. Scratched the bite will take longer to heal, to spoil the appearance. Besides, scratching the bite of a mosquito, you can inadvertently get infected.

When the mosquito bites, it is recommended to wash the bite with soap and water and apply:

  • Soda solution (1 tbsp to a glass of warm water). They lubricate the affected places. You can do the compress for 10-15 minutes.
  • Pink solution of manganese.
  • Ammonia.
  • 9% vinegar.
  • The fresh lemon juice.
  • The pulp of the green onions (you can cook with the help of a blender).
  • Slurry of a mixture of mint, parsley, wild cherry, plantain.
  • Finely grated or crushed garlic cloves.
  • Valocordin or Korvalol (to wet the cotton wool and RUB the itchy places).
  • A solution in alcohol of Arnica and/or calendula (if there is ointment based on them - you can use it).

Treating wounds can oils that will have a anesthetic effect, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect:

  • essential oil of clove;
  • tea tree oil;
  • pine oil.

Outings, or working in the garden, take care of safety and comfort for you and you reimburse spent this time in a good mood, restful sleep and a good rest.



Advice 3: How to choose spiral

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