If swelling of the lip caused Allergy, in this case it is necessary, first, to eliminate from the diet caused the Allergy product and also take anti-Allergy drugs. Now the pharmacy sells a variety of antihistamines, for example, tavegil, suprastin, and so on. Take the one that you usually use or consult your doctor.
Upon impact or other mechanical damage on the lip may form a hematoma, or bruise. It causes swelling, which of course spoils the appearance. Make sure that the wound is not dangerous and apply any of the ways you can remove the bruise. Sometimes helps with the cold. Apply to swelling ice, wrapped in a clean handkerchief or tissue and hold for several minutes.
Then repeat the procedure several times until you notice the visible improvements. In no case do not hold for a long time and do not apply ice, not wrapped in a bandage or handkerchief, it can cause hypothermia and even tissue necrosis! If ice is not at hand, can use soaked in cold water towel.
Under all the swelling and bruises are very good at helping the real stuff. You can buy it at the pharmacy in powder form (in this case it needs to be diluted with water) or gel. Apply the stuff on the damaged area, the swelling will gradually come down to "no".
After mechanical damage and bumps well remove the tumor with the aid of lead lotions. Now in pharmacies sell special lead water. It is better to keep in the fridge. Soak in it a cotton pad and apply to the damaged areas.
For removing the swelling after a blow, you can use any ointment after injuries, which has no warming effect. Spread her swollen spot.
If swelling on the lip caused by herpes virus, one needs to remove the cause. You should ask your doctor. But the symptoms of shingles (those sores and tumors on the lip) can be removed by means of ointments, which are sold in pharmacies, for example, helps acyclovir ointment, gerpevir or sintomitsinovoy ointment. In any case, before using any remedy, consult your doctor.