Advice 1: How to assure the diploma

A diploma is a document about higher education and, as a rule, required for filing in the original. However, there are cases when a person is not able to provide original diploma and have to settle for a copy. If you provide a copy without an original, it must be appropriately certified.
How to assure the diploma
The best – notarization of the copy. You can relate to any notaryto have your original diploma with all attachments, and to obtain certified copies with stamp and signature of the notary public and special firmware. For this procedure, bring your passport and the diploma. Ready copies of the notary is not assured, since in this case there is a risk of forgery of any of the information. Keep in mind that if the liners leaves your diploma will have the firmware, confirmed by the seal and signature of the rector of the University, and the leaves are not numbered, the notary may refuse to certify such a document. Also, the reason for failure is severe damage to some leaves of the diploma.
Sign the diploma with apostille if you need proof of identity abroad. First, it is necessary to do the translation in a translation Agency. Keep in mind that the diploma should be translated not into English, and the language of the country, for presentation to where you need it. After the translated copy is ready, it is necessary to certify it in the Ministry of education. Some agencies have a full range of translation services of documents, including notarization, apostille, it is best to know about it in advance.
Copy of the diploma can be certified and the school, if necessary. In this case, as separately certified by all sheets of the application, a copy of sewn, affixed with the seal of the University, signed by the rector and the Executive Secretary. Note, however, that such certification you are not insured against such copy to any organizations will not be enough. Although in its legal effect a diploma certified by an educational institution that issued it, is equivalent to a notarized copy, a hard only require notarization.
In any case, do not disconnect firmware leaves the investment in the diploma and its copy! If the firmware is confirmed by the seals and signatures, is broken, the copy loses its validity.
Useful advice
It is best just to make a few certified copies of the diploma, not to run urgently in search of a notary, and not to stand once again in line.

Advice 2 : How to translate the diploma into English

More and more Russians are seeking to get an education or work in English-speaking countries. While those who already have a Russian education, you want to take advantage of it. And foreign University, and the employer is often required not only knowledge and skills but also the official Russian diplomaconfirming the qualification, and an important step in the preparation of documents for moving abroad, getting translations of documents. How to do it correctly?
How to translate the diploma into English
You will need
  • Computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • e - mail or a printed directory of organizations in your city.
Find out which translation of the diplomaand you want: the ordinary translation, notarized or with an apostille. Apostille is a special stamp by which the document is legalized and does not require further certification in the countries of the Hague agreement, such as the USA, Australia and others.
The affixing of this seal requires additional costs and is not always necessary, so please check with the organization where you will provide a diploma (University, Embassy or company) as is necessary to certify the translation of your documents.
If you need notarized, find a notary. For a simple notarized diplomaand you must provide to the notary a photocopy of the original document. Certifying the signature and stamp put on the copy after comparison with the original. If you need an apostille, then he is placed on the original document.
Give your certified copies and originals in translation. Addresses and phone numbers of translators can be found in the databases of organizations or in printed directories. Calling several organizations, you can find the best offer as for the cost of services and speed of order fulfillment.
By the time of transmission of documents it is desirable to have a passport to in the translated documents were correct transliteration of your name.
After a set period, usually within a few days, receive your documents and finished translations.
If you have ordered a certified translation, keep it as original. In different organization, you have the right to submit copies of your documents. The production of a new certified translation of the diploma will be a loss of time and money.
Useful advice
If you have the opportunity, assure and translate my diploma in Russia. The services of notaries and translators in an English speaking country will cost more.
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